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6 Smart Ways To Cut The Cost Of Running Your Car

For a lot of families out there, a car is a necessity. They’re often quicker and more reliable than public transport, which makes getting to work and school much easier, and can be used to travel for fun days out and vacations too. The trouble is, cars aren’t cheap. In fact, after a house, a car is the largest purchase that most families make. This big price tag, along with the running costs, can massively impact your finances. With that in mind, here are six smart ways to save money.

Drive The Right Way

Speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking are terrible driver habits.

Not only are they dangerous, both to you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road, but they also increase the likelihood of a breakdown and waste fuel.

No one should drive dangerously, especially with children in the car, but if you’re looking to cut costs, then take a look at your driving style first. 

Switch To Two Wheels

While multiple factors influence the cost of running any vehicle, owning a motorcycle is typically cheaper than owning a car.

Before making the switch, however, you should think about the risks involved. In an accident, you could suffer road rash and other injuries, which are more serious than those drivers in passenger vehicles face. Young passengers would be particularly at risk. 

Follow That Maintenance Schedule

All cars come with an owners manual full of information about the vehicle.

Among this knowledge should be a maintenance schedule. To keep your car running as efficiently as possible, you need to follow this schedule, completing maintenance tasks as when they need to be.

When you carry out these tasks, you keep your vehicle in good condition, so it faces fewer mechanical issues

Shop Around For Gas

Unless your tank is almost empty, you always have time to shop around for fuel.

Rather than drive to the first supermarket or garage that you see, you should look around to see which place offers the lowest price per litre.

There are also comparison websites and apps that you could use. Some garages even offer loyalty cards, allowing you to collect points for money off later. 

Turn Off Your Engine

When you pick your little ones up from school, you probably wait for them in the car.

You might even leave the engine running so that you can go as soon as they’re ready. The problem with this is that you can waste a lot of fuel as you do.

While it might only appear to be a small amount, it will add up over the days. It’s much more efficient to turn your engine off when you stop. 

Keep your Teen Away

The moment your teenager is old enough to drive, they will want to be put on your car insurance. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be.

Car insurance providers see young drivers as a risk, and, as such, will likely increase your insurance payments. Sending your child to a professional driving instructor will avoid this and ensure that they learn the right way. 

Running a car can be costly, but, with these tips, you should have no trouble saving money. 

Jeff Campbell