Practical Tips for Cutting Down on Your Air Conditioning Bills

Is your electricity bill causing you stress? Are you searching for the best ways to cut down on your AC bills? Well, we might just have something that can help.

Energy conservation not just benefits the environment but also reduces utility bills.

Enlisted below are some of the most effective ways of conserving energy and cutting down costs. 

Insulated rooms

Check for complete insulation of the room. Even a small leak or gap can make it a daunting task to curb the electricity bill. Ensure that the windows and ceilings are completely sealed, leaving no space or vacuum. 

Besides windows, walls and attics also leak air. So make sure you attend to that.

Here’s how you can insulate your room:

  • Properly seal the windows – Caulking leaks and weather stripping windows can prevent cool air from leaking.
  • Thermostatic control – Programmable thermostats with a built-in timer can reduce energy usage by adjusting temperatures according to your needs. 

Upgrade Your Windows

Old windows are not as energy efficient as new windows. That said, if you are still using the windows from the 1990s, it’s time to upgrade them. 

Install energy-efficient, tinted or louvered windows. You may have to spend some money as the upfront cost, but will eventually save a lot in the long run. 

Use Fans To The Full Power

Circulate the cool air inside your room by using fans when the air conditioner is turned off.

Although an exhaust fan is necessary inside a big hall for ventilation but using big circulation fans can help maintain the temperature inside the room. 

On-Time A.C Servicing

Get your ac serviced regularly.

On-time air conditioner servicing will help in keeping an efficient cooling of the room. The process involves proper cleaning of the filters, ducts, pipes and panels of the air conditioner. 

If needed, replace the filters. Dirty filters force the AC to work harder, leading to higher cost and low efficiency.

Close The Curtains And Blinds

To maintain the temperature of the room, keep the blinds, curtains, drapes and awnings drawn and closed for complete insulation of the room. Make sure the shades have rubber stops ensuring there’s no vacuum and air gaps between the folds.

Besides that, add more green plants in the house. This will improve the indoor air quality, making it easier for the AC to function efficiently.

Switch To A Cheaper Utility Plan

The reason for the higher AC bill could be your expensive electricity provider. So, switch it for a new one. 

Compare electricity providers in your area and choose the one that suits your needs the best, keeping in mind the budget.

AGL Electricity rates are relatively lower than other providers in Australia. 

Use Solar Screens

Solar screens and panels use the sun’s energy to power the home and reduce the costs associated with cooling.

By using solar screens or mesh-like window screens, you can keep your air conditioner working efficiently. These screen guards ensure that the hot sunlight does not penetrate the room and the temperature inside the space is maintained.

Turn Off Electrical Appliances When Not In Use

Your television, laptop, home theatre, oven, printer produce plenty of heat and force your cooling system to work harder. So make sure you turn them off whenever they are not in use.

Switch Off AC At Night

Keep the AC working during the day, and give it some rest at night.

Evenings and nights are generally cooler. So take advantage of this fact, and open your windows to let the cool breeze in. If you want to keep your air conditioning bill and energy consumption low, follow these above-mentioned tips. 

Hopefully, this article helped you!

Jeff Campbell

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