How to Get Into Cycle Touring With Children in the Right Way

Cycle touring is a great joy for passionate riders. They love to paddle and moves from one place to another which brings pleasure to their mind. Sometimes the riders do camping and give a tour with some of their partners. So there arises a question, can cycle touring be done with the children?

The answer is obviously yes. Moreover, to do cycle touring with children you need too much planning.

A few days back, we planned our first family cycle touring with our son who recently learned cycling. We choose our Downs Link, a 37 miles route for our first family cycle touring.

It’s a 57 miles shared route linking the North Downs Way to the South Downs Way.

While picking this place as the tour objective one must keep the weather in mind because it is a cycling tour and worse weather may spoil the trip. We took help from the internet before choosing this place through reviews and posts.

Among bikes of many brands like Sixthreezero that offer hybrid bike on sale you can choose one that will give you the mesmerizing sensation during mountain rides or touring different locations. However, in many a place, you will get fashionable hybrid bikes on sale at a very reasonable price.

A cheap bike trailer to carry the accessories

A lot of necessary things can be carried through a bike trailer.

Though it feels odd first then gradually it becomes a normal situation. Though it is trouble-free to move the trailer in the flat roads,  in hilly areas it feels like someone is pulling you from the back.

Getting to the route can be tricky a bit

It was a little bit tricky to reach the Downs Link from our home as we had three bikes with us and we needed to uplift three bikes and the trailer to the train which was not an easy task.

Then we need to cycle two miles out of central Guildford and after that, we had realized why most of the people choose to drive this path.

Children can ride beyond your imagination

After cycling about 50 miles we reached our destination and the most amazing thing is our little boy also did the same.

It took about two and a bit days and the task our son did was not extraordinary for children they utilize their energy to the mission that is interesting to them.

As it is off-road and there was fear of motorbikes our son could do his cycling according to his wish without any fear. He maintained the speed of his wish and sometimes slowing down his speed he could chat with one of us.

To make our cycle touring enjoyable we didn’t do our tour at a stretch. We discontinued on several places to enjoy the scenic beauty or wherever we found a playground and took pictures and also played with our son.

Arriving anywhere early should not be one’s expectation

Traveling is all about flexible timing without maintaining a strict schedule.

It gives peace but if it involves maintaining a strict schedule it will be a matter of tension and spoils the peace. Additionally, if a child is involved in the trip you need to make it more adjustable as you need to stop at several places for snacks and lunch if you are not carrying it.

As cycle touring is a new adventure for your child you need to keep his experience an enjoyable and memorable one. As it is very much usual for children to learn from the environment, you should offer them the chance to learn from their surroundings by all means. Moreover, It will be better if you do not scold him for silly issues.





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