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Stuck on Gift Ideas for Your Dad? Your Guide to Birthdays and Holidays for 2022

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So many believe that their dads are impossible to shop for when it comes to his birthday or the holidays, but in reality, it’s not all that hard. 

If you’re stuck on gift ideas for your dad, then read on to discover a guide to a few hot gifts this year. 

Wearable Items 

Perhaps some of the easiest go-to gift ideas for any parent are things that they can wear. Growing up in a house with someone should often provide you with a good enough idea of their taste. So when it comes to your dad, all you need to do is get his sizes and purchase one of the following items this year. 


T-shirts are a great option for any dad. It’s easy to get or guess his size and all you have to do is search online for mens graphic tees. From there it’s just a matter of picking out a shirt with a graphic and color that is the right fit for your dad. 


Is your dad a ring guy? If he is then rings are a great option, especially since mens rings are a hot item right now. Just be sure to get his ring size, choose one that would fit his personality and clothing style, wrap it up nice and neat, and experience the joy of giving a truly great present. 

Home Goods 

Any dad is going to love home goods. These are the kind of things that he may want but would probably never purchase for himself, making them the perfect surprise. There are quite a few gifts that can fit into this category, so here are just a couple of good options to keep in mind. 

Record Player and Stand

Records are one of those things that may never fully go out of style. People love putting on a record and enjoying a relaxing time in their home. For this reason, a record player is a great option for your dad. If he happens to already have a record player, then you should look into record player stands. Having a nice record player stand to put his record player on may revive his love for listening to records. 

Two-in-One Coasters 

Who doesn’t love a good two-in-one device? This year you can get your dad a device and drink holder. It effectively works as a coaster on one side, and on the other side, it acts as a device holder for a phone or tablet. Making it a great two-in-one gift that your dad will love. 

Smart Key Organizers

Who doesn’t love to always be organized? You can get your dad a pocket key organizer and ease up the morning key hunting fuss. The pocket key organizer can be a two in a one gift for your dad that will help to stay organized and on time. This way he can always have all the keys together and secured in one spot.

Neon Signs 

Does your dad have a “man cave”? If he does, he probably hasn’t thought too much about decorating it. It could be a great room with a pool table, couch, and mini-fridge, but it’s not a great man cave until it has a neon sign. It could be anything or say anything, just the presence of neon lights can make a man cave feel more like the getaway your dad wants it to be. 

Bar Cart 

This one can either go in the man cave or upstairs in the dining room. A bar cart is often a great, stylish addition to the room that also comes with convenient functionality. Being able to quickly get to alcohol, make drinks, and serve them all in one space can impress guests and save time. 

Cooking Items 

A lot of dads cook. Whether it’s outside on the grill or inside in the kitchen, many take pride in the way their food tastes. A couple of great gift options are things like cookware, pizza ovens, and cooking utensils. Getting your dad a nice version of any of these could truly show that you care and that you actually like his food. 


If your dad has been using the same chrome cookware for your entire life, then it is probably beat up and completely void of any non-stick functionality that it once had. This year you can get your dad cookware that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional with chemical-free non-stick functionality.  

Pizza Oven

Does your family like pizza? More importantly, does your dad like pizza? If so, then you should look into getting him his very own pizza oven for the holidays or his birthday this year. An Ooni wood-fired pizza oven brings restaurant-quality pizza to your home giving your dad the ability to impress his friends and enjoy endless amounts of delicious pizza. 

Cooking Utensils 

Finally, cooking utensils. Dads tend to hold onto things forever, using them pretty much until they fall apart. This is good news for you because it makes it easy to give your dad the upgrades he didn’t even know he needed. This rings especially true with spatulas, grill brushes, and other utensils your dad may use every week. 

Easy on Your Wallet

Gift-giving is incredibly fun, but it can also be stressful if you don’t necessarily have the funds to get people anything. However, going big or going home does not apply here. You can get your dad something small and meaningful that can make him and your wallet happy.  

Stickers and Decals

Did your dad serve in the military? If so, you should look into military ribbons decals. This can be a great way to thank him for his service. Making him feel not only loved but also respected maybe even making it the best gift you have to offer. After all, that’s often what dads want most from their children. 


Pins are another treat that can show your dad you care. Whether he likes to wear pins on his jackets or hats, they can be a great and meaningful way to tell him that you love him. Especially if the graphic on it holds a sentimental value for both of you. Even if he doesn’t wear pins, the sentimental value could be all he needs.

The Bottom Line

Many people think that dads can be incredibly hard to shop for, but in reality, it isn’t all that hard. Just take a look at this guide, choose a few options that you think your dad would like and get them. Ultimately, showing him that you care and are thinking of him may be all that he is hoping for. 


Jeff Campbell