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How Cash-Strapped Dads Can Earn a Few Extra Bucks

It is no secret that making ends meet is more of a financial challenge than ever before.

Not only is the number of bachelors living from paycheck to paycheck on the rise, but fathers are facing even more pressure. Working a full-time job while caring for a child is no easy task and staving off challenging fiscal times can represent quite a stressful situation.

Let’s, therefore, take a quick look at some of the best ways to earn an extra income while still enjoying quality time with your child. Some of these methods might already be familiar while a handful of other suggestions could very well take you by surprise.

Earn Money on Instagram: A Look at Basic Strategies 

It is currently estimated that there are over 100 million Instagram followers throughout the United States.

Why not tap into this market by earning revenue through your media posts? Believe it or not, some of the top users within this portal are able to obtain a full-time income by posting only a handful of images per day.

Of course, before you can make money on Insta, you need followers. How do you get Instagram followers? Keep the number of people you follow small, post daily multiple times a day, use hashtags, and don’t forget about stories!

Not sure where to get started on Instagram? You can try this website and get real followers and real engagement.

While it could take a while before you rise to such a stellar virtual status, you can still earn extra cash with a handful of strategies including:

  • Getting paid to promote third-party products.
  • Marketing your own services.
  • Becoming an affiliate advertiser and earning a small percentage per click.

As you might have already imagined, success primarily involves the number of visitors who frequent your page on a daily basis. This is why the second portion of the equation needs to explain how to get followers on Instagram.

Visitor engagement should represent a priority, as individuals are more likely to remain loyal if you interact with them on a regular basis.

However, do not let this concept take precedence over other core recommendations. For instance, it could be wise to re-post the material of others; particularly if they are found within your niche sector. They could perform the same action in return. Keep in mind the power of hashtags.

Make certain that these descriptions are relevant and up to date. As hashtags literally “point” to your post, find trending keywords in order to appeal to a wide range of users.

Finally, take into account that it is much better to have a relatively small group of loyal followers when compared to a massive audience base that rarely interacts with your posts. A loyal demographic will tend to attract more attention over time while a spurious base of followers will come and go as they please.

It is much better to rely on a somewhat stable source of revenue generation.

Be patient when attempting to earn money on Instagram. You will not achieve a celebrity status overnight and it could take months before you enjoy a trickle of extra liquidity. Assuming that you are looking for more short-term options, what other courses of action are at your disposal?

Is There a Pot of Gold at the End of the Digital Rainbow? 

Let us begin this section with a healthy dose of reality.

Forget about those so-called “get-rich-quick” schemes and ignore any digital gurus who claim that they will be able to make you one million dollars if only you purchase their e-book. You will simply be throwing your money out of the proverbial window. Having said this, there are actually a fair number of possible avenues if you hope to enjoy a predictable source of short-term income.

Writing is one of your primary options. From paid blog promotions to technical analyses and product reviews, the options are nearly endless. It is always a good idea to examine some of the main content mills within the United States such as The pay is regular and you will be able to dictate how much work is appropriate for your schedule.

We should also mention online surveys here. While this method has existed for more than a decade, it is still an interesting option to consider. Although it is unrealistic to expect to earn hundreds of dollars every week, surveys can put an extra $40 or $50 dollars in your pocket.

Most take between five and ten minutes to complete. Some other options to research in greater detail include (but are not limited to):

  • Becoming a social media influencer.
  • Being paid to try out new products such as smartphone applications.
  • Using pay-per-click advertising methods.
  • Online trading as a part-time hobby.

Fathers have a host of daily responsibilities and being able to experience a greater degree of financial liquidity will take some of the stress off of their shoulders. All of the suggestions mentioned above have produced viable results in the past and there is no reason to believe that the future will appear any different.

Jeff Campbell