5 Tips for Dads Experiencing Divorce and Separation

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Going through a divorce and separation can be heartbreaking and stressful for all parties involved. Unfortunately, in many cases, dads are given the short straw in divorce proceedings, which can result in emotional and financial difficulties.

If you feel as though you’re on your own and aren’t sure where to turn, here are 5 tips on how to minimize stress levels and make sure the process runs smoothly.

Hire the Best Possible Lawyer

When going through a divorce and separation, it’s vital that you hire the best possible divorce lawyer in your area. Finding a lawyer who can provide sufficient guidance and support throughout the process, and possess extensive experience in cases like yours will maximize the chances of you getting a fair deal.

If you aren’t happy with the result, you may want to consider appealing. While an appeal can take a long time, it’s worth pursuing if you feel there was a legitimate error.

Keep Records

Something that may prove beneficial during your divorce proceedings is keeping a record of everything that has been said or done. If your divorce is anything but amicable, you may find your ex-partner making threats or using manipulation tactics to get at you.

Most importantly, your children should come first, but if your wife is making the process harder than it needs to be, it’s best to note everything down, especially as it may work in your favor later down the line.

Don’t Act Out of Character

A divorce and separation can heighten stress levels, making it easy for tempers to spiral out of control.

Even if you believe the situation that you’re in is unfair and unjustified, the last thing you should do is act out of character. Showing signs of aggression will have an impact on the final outcome, so make sure that you retain a positive mindset throughout. You need to show that you’re able to handle responsibility, even during rough patches.

Maintain a Sense of Normality

Your world can be turned upside down through a divorce proceeding, so it’s vital that you try and maintain a sense of consistency and normality throughout. The most important people in this situation are your children, so keeping the same routine will help them feel more relaxed and content.

If you’re not feeling your best, make sure you don’t take out your anger and frustration on your children. It’s important that you spend quality time with your kids and try not to let the divorce proceedings get to you.

Keep Your Wellbeing in Check

To fight your corner during a divorce, you need to be in the best headspace possible.

Following a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and keeping fit and active will help in reducing stress and anxiety that you may experience. If you feel yourself getting worked up, there are stress-busting techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises that can help.

While each divorce situation will differ from the next, it’s vital that you manage the situation effectively to ensure the process goes according to plan. When it comes to seeking a favorable custody arrangement, make sure that you follow all the advice listed above.

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