5 Tips to Help Dads Prepare for a Custody Battle

If you are fighting for custody of your child, the decks tend to be stacked against fathers. Unfortunately, there are many gender stereotypes that work against the father, so if you’re going through a divorce and have young children, doing everything you can to fight for your child is important. To help you, here are five tips on how dads can prepare for a custody battle.

Choose a Reputable Attorney

The most important thing you can do when preparing for a child custody battle is to hire the right attorney who can help you every step of the way.

If you’re seeking an attorney for family issues like child custody and visitation rights, it’s vital that they have excellent communication skills and can guide you through the process. Fighting for custody can be lengthy, so having a family law attorney who has vast experience in cases like yours is crucial.

Pay Close Attention

Whether you’re seeking joint custody or sole custody, it’s important that you show that you’re engaged and invested in your child’s life.

Knowing your child’s school schedule, their likes and dislikes, and the names of their pals will be information that you likely already know.

However, the more invested you are, the more seriously you will be taken by the judge. Judges can tell the difference between dads who are intimately involved and those who are passive participants, so paying close attention to the details is key.

Don’t Confide in Your Child

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, it’s likely that you will experience a wide range of emotions. No matter how you are feeling, make sure not to confide in your child.

If you speak ill of the other party to your child, they may relay the information to them, which can have severe consequences later on. Stress levels can rise, and you may act out of character, so make sure not to take anything out on your child.

Keep Things Civil

To strengthen your case and get custody of your child, you need to keep things civil from start to finish. If you’re going through a difficult divorce, your ex-partner may throw things at you that push your buttons.

Any hard feelings that you have towards your ex need to be pushed aside, with your sole focus being on your children. When kids are involved, it’s likely that you will need to maintain contact with your ex, so keeping a level head and being mature about the situation will pay off.

There are lots of effective co-parenting strategies that can keep stress levels at bay.

Keep Your Wellbeing in Check

While your main priority should be your child’s health and wellbeing, it’s just as important that you look after yourself before heading into a custody battle. If you’re not in the right mindset, this can hinder your chances of gaining custody, so make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and try deep breathing exercises, which can lower stress levels.

Whether you’re fighting for joint custody or sole custody of your child, putting all the tips above into practice can strengthen your case and help you get the outcome you desire.

Jeff Campbell

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