How Dads Can Best Prepare for Super Bowl LV

The excitement of the holidays normally comes to a bitter halt on January 2nd when Christmas and New Year’s celebrations officially end. However, with Super Bowl LV set to air on February 7th, dads everywhere have a hugely important sporting event to look forward to even after the Christmas tree and lights come down.

Let’s take a look at some ways to prepare for NFL’s biggest game and one of the most televised events of the year, the Super Bowl.

Plan the best Super Bowl watch party

No Super Bowl is truly complete without a great watch party to match.

Make a list and invite friends beforehand so they can lock in their plans and enjoy a fun night of sports with fellow football lovers. Prepare a menu for your guests that includes all the best Super Bowl food like chicken wings, celery, dips, and chips so that your visitors will have something to munch on throughout the game.

Making themed appetizers and snacks is a great way to make your Super Bowl party fun and festive

Organize a small betting pool

Another way to make your viewing gathering even more exciting is by creating some friendly competition between you and your guests. Because not everyone will be rooting for the same team, why not organize a small betting pool in the style of popular sportsbooks to spice up the night?

Beforehand, make sure everyone is aware of how to place proper bets and has done their own research by assessing up-to-date expert stats and picks on the different NFL organizations set to face off.

When your guests arrive on Super Bowl Sunday, set some ground rules and enjoy! Your friends will love going head-to-head for the opportunity to earn a small prize and the winner will have indisputable bragging rights as the most knowledgeable football fan for years to come.

Consider upgrading your TV

If you’re planning on hosting a great viewing party for Super Bowl LV, you may want to consider upgrading your television to bring things up a notch. Who wants to watch TV’s most important event on an outdated set?

While you’re at it, look into a home stereo system that provides the best surround sound for gameplay. Guests will be able to hear tackles and touchdown cheers from every room in the house. Nothing adds to a game-day atmosphere quite like a powerful sound system and a proper high-def picture.

Plan some post-game activities

The Super Bowl is most likely your main reason for throwing a party, but since the game starts at 6:30 pm E.T., it’s not going to keep your guests entertained for the entire evening. If you want to be the best host you can be, plan some funny post-game activities for after the teams retreat into their locker rooms.

Some of your guests may be crushed by the game’s results and will need a little cheering up while others may be ecstatic and in the mood for celebration. Either way, it’s smart to have a backup plan if you want to keep the party going.

Jeff Campbell

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