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Dads! It’s Okay To Treat Yourself, You Know?

While we dislike generalizing about many people, it’s not hard for worthwhile Dads to sometimes completely forget about taking care of themselves. It’s not the norm for us to take long relaxing baths, head to a hotel spa for a day of pampering, or to relax as our partners might.

Of course, these are the stereotypes, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying those things as a man.

However, as someone who might consider themselves to be the provider for their family along with their spouse, remembering to treat yourself can sometimes be a tricky job. However, doing so to celebrate a certain event taking place, to commemorate a certain date or to simply be a little kinder to yourself is a great idea. 

Additionally, you likely work hard. Seeing the fruits of your labor in a small treat to yourself is not a vice, nor should you consider it to be. Thankfully, with our following advice, you’re sure to treat yourself well. Remember, this is fine to do:

Eating out

Eating out sometimes gets a bad rap from a calorie standpoint. But you know what? It’s fun to eat out, and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, your spouse, or your family every now and then.

One really cool thing though is to use a random restaurant generator to try something new and get out of the rut of just hitting the same old family places.

Who knows? You just may discover some new family traditions!

Outfit Yourself

Here’s one thing that Dads find easy – geeking out over a passion.

You might not think yourself in line with the definition of the ‘geek lifestyle,’ but trust us, you have likely geeked out over something before.

It might be the specs of building your own media center at home, or installing new smart home implements or even outfitting your vehicle with the best truck modifications to consider ahead of the new decade.

Outfitting yourself with the materials needed to deep dive into a hobby is something that many of us can take with no small amount of pleasure, even if this means arranging the tools you love and care for in the best arrangement possible.

From time to time, investing so you are good for a while can be the dream any Dad can realize, helping them keep their passions alive.


For many Dads, the idea of providing for a family and being the most useful person around is something that helps them feel actualized.

In fact, this is more than just a feeling. It’s hard to think of a better definition of being ‘actualized’ than improving your skillset and competence, rather than simply wishing to feel that way.

This is where learning self-sufficiency such as finally catching a great fish, descaling it and serving it up for dinner can be a worthwhile cause.

It may be that you decide to go hunting or start that vegetable patch. The mark of wisdom is that positive and fruitful productivity can help sustain you, and this may be the thing with which you treat yourself.

Something Indulgent

An indulgence from time to time can be a great idea.

Perhaps you wish to eat the best steak in the city, and so take your partner to the restaurant you have been on a waiting list to attend for the last 14 months.

Perhaps you wish to invite your friends on a whiskey tasting tour of a local brewery. Maybe you wish to spend a weekend in the woods foraging and hunting racoons at night with a local tour group.

Sometimes, simply doing something for you for a new experience or to try the best of a certain passion can help you tick that off your bucket list.

With this in mind, you’re certain to treat yourself well. Because good sir, in moderation, it is fine to do this.

Jeff Campbell