Daihatsu Ayla VS Daihatsu Sigra VS Daihatsu Terios: 2020-2021 Review

Are you confused between choosing the Daihatsu Ayla and Daihatsu Sigra or Daihatsu Terios? While the Sigra and Terios are 7-seaters, the Ayla can accommodate 7 occupants. Their designs are very different, and so are the market segments.

Back to important facts – the Daihatsu Ayla, which was manufactured to rival Honda Brio and Datsun Go costa fairly Rp 102,15 – 159,90 Juta and consumes 20.7 km / l of gasoline. Its 1.2 version will consume 1L/14.7km. The Sigra will cost between Rp 119, 50 – 158, 45 Juta and consumes 1L/20km.

Daihatsu Terios, which is a little heavy, will travel 11.5km/1l.

Daihatsu Ayla VS Daihatsu Sigra VS Daihatsu Terios Comparison

Features Daihatsu Ayla Daihatsu Sigra Daihatsu Terios
Segment A-Segment  B- Segment
Body Type Hatchback MPV SUV
Fuel Petrol Petrol Hybrid/Petrol
Engine Capacity 1.0 – 1.2L 1.0 – 1.2L 1.5L
Transmission System 4-Speed Automatic, 5-Speed Manual, 5-Speed manual 4-Speed ​​Automatic, 5-Speed Manual,

Daihatsu Terios       

From the look, Terios has a high ground clearance to tackle all terrains. A few features on the exterior distinguish the All-New Daihatsu from the other SUVs: the side stone guard, rear reflector lamp and the duck tail spoiler. 17-inch black chrome wheels support the SUV’s high mass.

When seated at the driver’s seat, just tilt the steering wheel to suit your posture and use the start/stop button to start the engine.

Under the hood of the latest Daihatsu generation, is a 1,496 cc Dual VVT-I 1.5L engine that produces 136 Nm and 103ps. All the basic safety features including Anti-Lock Brake System, Vehicle Stability Control and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)  are embedded into this car.

Daihatsu Sigra       

If you want the cheapest 7-seater MPV, consider the Daihatsu Sigra as your choice.  The 2020-2021 Sigra is simple but stylish. And to suits your everyday restrained needs, this MPV is fuel-efficient, the interior is spacious and is well packed with safety features. As a family vehicle developed for adventures, the cargo area is spacious.

Its engine power may not make you happy but, the R Variant, the 16 valve 4-inline cylinder engine will power the MPV with 108NM of torque and 88ps. This engine is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission system. Once you buy the Sigra, expect Front-Corner Sensors,         Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Immobilizer and Dual-SRS Airbags.

Daihatsu Ayla        

After the Toyota Agya received its second facelift this year, Daihatsu Ayla was second to follow. This hatchback was first released in Indonesia 7 years ago. The new 1.2 R Deluxe features an aerokit both at the rear and at front. Being a small hatchback but with high seating capacity and a spacious interior, it stands on 14-inch alloy wheels. Among the fascinating features include the sporty interior colour and the new bumper design.

Like the Daihatsu Sigra, the 1.2 L Ayla carries a 16 valve 4-In line cylinder engine that emits 108Nm and 88ps. It’s mated to a 4-speed Otomastis transmission system.


If you think of a cheap car with spacious interior and cargo space, think of the new Daihatsu Sigra and Daihatsu Ayla. And for an exceptional family experience, Terios is the best.

These models may not have much-needed engine power but, the safety and fuel efficiency are the determinants during these harsh times.

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