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Keep Your Relationship Fresh: Date Ideas For Couples


After a few years of being in a relationship with the same person, sometimes your relationship can begin to go stale. Things just aren’t as fun and light as they used to be, pressures from work and other commitments get in the way, and your relationship changes as a result. This can impact how you feel about each other, which isn’t always a good thing. 

However, studies have shown that couples that make time for a regular date night tend to be happier as a result. So if you and your partner want to get back to being happier again – or simply want to ensure that your relationship remains ‘healthy’, making time for date night is important. 

To give you some date night ideas, below is a list of fun and exciting dates that you can plan with your partner. 

Go and watch a show

Are you fans of music and theatre? If you are, tickets to one of the longest running broadway shows might be a good option. You could even make a weekend of it – shopping, dinner and a swanky hotel with breakfast in bed the next morning!  

Have a starlight picnic 

Why not pack up a picnic and some blankets and head to a local romantic spot for a moonlit picnic? If you’re going to do this, don’t forget to pack a torch and a map, if you’re not sure where you are going. Fancy making a night of it?

Then don’t forget to pack a tent and some sleeping bags! Sometimes, getting away and doing something different is all it takes to put the spark back into a relationship. 

Play crazy indoor golf 

Want to do something different from dinner and drinks?

Then why not head to your local indoor crazy golf center and play a few rounds of golf? You could opt to have some food and drinks there if you want to, or you could just play golf – it’s entirely up to you! The thing about crazy golf is that it’s fun and exciting, and wonderfully unique too, making it a great date idea. 

Take a moonlit swim 

Got a beach or a pool near you where you can swim at night?

Do something wild and head down there and go for a moonlit swim. Think how much fun you’ll have splashing about in the water – you could even take a ball to play catch with. Pack lots of warm towels, blankets and cozy clothes to snuggle up in afterward, while you get dried off. 

If you want to ensure that your relationship stays healthy and happy, then you need to make an effort to put plenty of time into it.

It’s not always easy to make time for each other when things get busy in life, such as your career, but if you want to stay together and remain happy, it’s important you make time to do so. 

Jeff Campbell