3 Ways to Deal with Scrap

If you’re renovating, doing demolition work, or anything else that results in plenty of junk or debris, it’s likely that you’ll end up with some scrap metal. If you’ve never had to deal with scrap before, you may be wondering what you should do with it, so we’ve decided to help out a little bit.

To make it easier to decide what to do with your scrap metal so that you no longer have it clogging up your home or your yard, we’ll talk about three things that you can do with it. By the end of this guide, you shouldn’t have any trouble deciding what you want to do with the scrap metal that’s on your hands.

Bring it to the Junkyard

When most people have to deal with scrap metal, they decide to bring it to the junkyard or somewhere else where it can be processed or even recycled. There are plenty of benefits to doing so, including reducing the amount of steel that needs to be refined from scratch, not to mention the monetary benefits.

Scrap metal can be a source of income, provided you have enough of it, and some kinds of metal will get you more money per pound. For example, copper is typically preferred over other metals like steel. Of course, don’t expect to get paid a huge sum of money for it. It is still scrap, after all.

Hire a Trash Removal Company

Companies like Royal-Junk specialize in picking up other people’s trash, and they can deal with many different forms of waste that municipal garbagemen may not be willing to pick up. While you may not get paid for your scrap this way, you can also avoid the hassle of having to transport it.

If you have a small amount of scrap, you may find that the gas money to get to the junkyard will cost more than you’ll make from it. In that case, you may prefer to have someone else deal with it for you. Keep in mind that most trash removal companies will charge a nominal fee for their services.

Get Creative with It

Finally, this option may seem a little less practical, but if you have creative talents, you can put that scrap metal to good use. For example, an experienced metal worker may be able to create a table or another piece of furniture out of the scrap through creative steel fabrication, ensuring that it doesn’t go to waste and improving their home.”

You can even create things like statues or other artistic endeavors using scrap metal, and it will be far more fulfilling than just bringing it to the scrapyard.


Dealing with scrap metal is pretty simple once you have the hang of it, and we hope that we’ve been able to provide you with a few different ideas. Despite what some might think, scrap can be an extremely useful resource.

Jeff Campbell

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