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As the man of the house, you’re expected to be the man of the house. Everyone is relying on you to provide, and it should be you that steps up. Although we’re living in a more equal world now, the mother has so many other responsibilities that the man doesn’t have, such as the main care of the kids and the home, and most of us will admit that’s true.

If you have a look at the roles in most families, the mothers is the carer, and the father is the provider. But who do you think has more pressure in their life. The moms might think that it’s them, because running round after the kids all day and having to keep the home clean as well as meals on the table is hard.

But us dads know that we have it equally as hard, because the life your family is relying on at the minute is built around the stability that you’re providing. So, we’re going to try and show you how to deal with some dad based problems, that means you can support your family better!

Those Rising Bills

Bills are something that can stress the whole family out, but none more so than a dad who is just trying to provide for their family, and realising how hard it can be as they grow older, and their demands do too.

So, you need to focus on the bills that are costing you the most, and one that’s up there is keeping the car on the road.

Sometimes it’ll be that you’re tied into an expensive finance deal, or it might be that you’re paying too much on the insurance. Insurance companies tend to charge less if you go to them direct, so that might be worth checking out if you know your insurance policy is coming up for renewal soon.

If you’re spending too much on a finance deal each month, you might as well see if the clause is involved in your contract where you can get out half way through for only a small cost, and invest in a much cheaper car!

Keeping The Peace

The peace is definitely something that you’re expected to keep, both in the house in terms of the behaviour and the chaos that your children are showing, and with your relationship with your partner. Family life can put such a pressure on both, especially your relationship.

So to always make sure that you keep the peace, you should make sure that you’re keeping date nights as a once a month thing.

Date nights really do die out when you have your own family, whereas we think they should only keep on going if you want to keep the romance alive.

Mental Health Problems

So many dads out there are dealing with mental health problems because they have to manage so much in their lives, and are expected to do so with ease.

But mental health problems are not something that you need to deal with alone, and as soon as you start feeling anything like anxiety or stress, you need to open up about it!

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