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Cozy and Comfortable: Tips to Help You Decorate with Pillows

Is your living room looking dingy? Feel like you need to revamp your decor? It might be time to decorate with pillows.

Picking the right throw pillows can add new life and personality to a room that’s feeling tired. And depending on the pillows you choose, this is a change you can make for as little as $20 per pillow.

So how exactly do you decorate with pillows? As it turns out, there’s a lot to consider. So let’s get right into it.

Size and Shape

Mixing up the size and shape for your pillows is a great way to add simple variety to your living room. When you pick your pillows, the largest should be about 22″ squared, decreasing in size.

When you place your pillows, the largest should go on the outside. Place smaller pillows towards the middle.

You can also mix up the shape. Look for large square pillows for your outer edges. You can choose smaller rectangular or round pillows for the center.

You can even opt for a fun shape like a heart or one of these unique pillow shapes. A pillow pizza slice? Yes, please!

Remember, this is your space. So have some fun with it. You should have a comfortable, warm environment that feels like a place you want to be.


To keep your living room from looking uniform and bland, mix up the texture for your pillows. Consider pillows with coarse, woven textures. Look at pillows with lines of fur, fluffy pillows, leather, or embroidery.

You want pillows that make people pick them up and start feeling the textures. It helps create a soothing environment.


When you’re buying pillows, you also need to consider what the insert is made of. Different materials affect density, support, and environmental impact.

Sure, down pillows may sound luxurious, but was it ethically sourced? Or are birds being harmed so you can have a soft pillow?

Also, consider your household. Are your toddlers prone to spill? Does your dog shed like crazy? Some materials handle dirt, fur, odors, and stains better than others, so do your research.

Decide what matters most to you in a pillow, and pick the best materials for your needs.


You can add more personality to your space with the prints you choose for your pillows. As a general rule, go for a solid print, a simple print, and an elaborate print.

For your elaborate print, you might look for a cool pattern. Also consider decorative print art, like feathers or a watercolor design.

Or you might want to get a pillow that matches your interests and personality. A geeky pillow isn’t traditional decor, but it’s a great ice breaker for guests!


Your color choice is especially important if you’re going for a unique accent pillow. Try to keep your pillows within the same color scheme. Tying in colors from throughout the room will keep a cohesive look across all your decor.


Consider why you’re buying these pillows. Is it to make a room look prettier? Are you looking for more support when you sleep?

Or are we transitioning from summer to fall or winter to spring? You can mix up your pillows to help welcome in the new holiday or season.

The purpose behind your pillow is just as important as every other factor on this list, so don’t ignore it.


Alright, so you have your arsenal of pillows. Now what? Where do you put them?

In the bedroom, stand pillows upright. Ideally, you should have five pillows. Put the two biggest ones in the back, two slightly smaller pillows in front of them. These are usually the ones you sleep on. Then accent the display with a small decorative pillow.

In the living room, follow the same technique. Set pillows upright on the couch or an armchair. Try to keep your displays symmetrical, with similar pillows and colors on either side.


So how many pillows do you need? Consider the space you’re trying to decorate.

Follow these numbers as a general rule of thumb:

  • Bed: 5-9
  • Couch: 3-5
  • Armchair: 1

Notice how each of these options come in odd numbers. Even if you change up the numbers, try to keep it that way. Odd numbers are more artistic and pleasing to the eye.

The amount you choose will depend on the size of your furniture you’re decorating. Putting pillows on a love seat? Probably just three. Putting pillows all over a massive L shaped couch? Definitely five, or maybe even nine if that seems to fit better.

Keep Them Clean

No matter how much effort you put into choosing the perfect pillows, it’ll look shabby if they aren’t clean.

When you pick out your pillows, also pay attention to the cleaning guidelines. Are they machine washable? Are you patient enough to take your throw pillows to a dry cleaner?

When you buy your throw pillows, make sure you can keep the pillows clean. Wash frequency will vary depending on your household. Homes with shedding dogs or messy toddlers will need more frequent washes.

But as a general rule of thumb, be prepared to wash your pillows every month. If your pillow has a removable cover, wash that every two to four weeks.

Don’t Go Overboard

Now that you have your pillows picked out and you’re ready to decorate, here’s our final rule: don’t go overboard.

Your couch is for sitting. Your bed is for sleeping. If you need to kick pillows onto the floor to find a comfortable space, you have too many.

Try taking away one or two to start. It’ll create a more warm and welcoming space, and you can always switch them out when the other pillows are in the wash.

Decorate with Pillows to Breathe New Life into Your Space

That’s it! Now you know how to decorate with pillows around your home so it looks sleek, stylish, vibrant, and cozy.

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Jeff Campbell