Student Tips: How to Decorate Your Dorm Room

How to make your life in college easier? One of the best ways is to create an inspiring environment in your dorm room. It is a place where you sleep, party, eat, fall in love, and spend 70% of all your college time. The experts of “write my essay for me” requests know how to decorate the dorm room so that you wouldn’t want to leave it at all.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas You Should Try

When it comes to decorating a dorm room, it is crucial to remember about the rules of your dorm before you start moving bed, hanging paintings, and putting up the shelves.

You do not want somebody to come over later and tell you to take it all down. Some of the basic rules may include a prohibition on wall paint, nail holes, pets, real plants, or even new furniture such as closet, not to mention new wallpapers or curtains.

So, be sure to check out your “Student Dormitories Rules and Principles.”

Nevertheless, the college dorm room is a great place to show off your personal style. If you have a bit of fantasy, you can turn this tiny space into a room of Cinderella or Prince Harry. Let us give you a piece of advice on how to avoid all the prohibitions and make your dorm room multifunctional.

Widen Your Storage to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Actually, college dorm room decorating ideas are not only about design but also about the usage of the whole space. So, we want to start this article with one of the essential things in the dorm, and that is storage.

Usually, dorm rooms are so tiny that the only thing you can fit into it is your legs. So, your goal is to make the most out of a small space. Here is when multifunctional storage solutions might come in handy. For instance, if you have a low bed, bed raisers are a perfect way out.

They are mostly plastic platforms that make your cot high. Why do you even need these items? To create “Under the bed storage,” buy just a couple of wooden crates, and put your stuff in there. It will be like a second closet, which really maximizes the space in your dorm.

If the rules do not allow you to put nails in the wall, visit AliExpress and get adhesive hooks.

With their help, you can free some space and hang almost anything, starting from hats and ending up with paintings. Having some kind of accessories on the wall makes you feel at home. These small details will set the tone for your day at college.

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room – Lifehacks and Tricks

Colors and Tones

When we are talking about decorating a college dorm room, the first thing that pops up in your head is a bed. It takes up 70% of the whole space and is a focal point in your dorm room.

Depending on the type of the room (pod-style dorms, dorm with regular bunk beds, dorms without bunk beds, etc.), you can move the bed around to free some space. If you are not allowed to change the location of the furniture, you want to layer lots of patterns and colors on it to decorate your dorm room in a couple of hues and shades.

You can order a nude style bedspread or shits with a beautiful medallion style pattern. Be practical, it is a college dorm room you live in, so silk white blanket is not the best option as well as 200 pillows you are never going to use.

Again, if it is not prohibited, create an inspirational atmosphere by layering some wallpapers behind your bed. And remember, use the ones which are easy to put on. Do not fill the entire wall, it makes no sense.  Cover the space directly behind your bed.

Make Some Space

If you have a lot (no, a loooot) of stuff and a small closet, use a tension rod and some folk velvet drapes from Ikea to make it a decorating feature and hide away things. Bring in a rattan accent chair so that there is a place to the lounge (and let’s be honest, to hang your clothes when you are in a rush).

Put some pendant lights on your table to expand the space. What about the colors? The navy and camel colors make the room fresh. Black and neutrals are also a perfect foundation for your decoration.

You can use a patterned pillow to help pull everything together. It adds a lot of texture and lets all the other accessories pop.

Ideas on How to Decorate Dorm Room

Let us move on to some case examples of how you can decorate a college dorm room.

Neutral Boho Style: DIY Dorm Room Decorating

Bohemian style is all about creating a cozy-chic space with layered monochromic tones and textures. Stick to all neutrals and then use fabric and metallics to bring in complexity.

Start with the floor and add a cream-colored wool rug. In a dorm room, your bed is your couch, table, and sometimes closet, so turn it into more of a daybed style by adding throw pillows along the back wall. Add some eclectic décor elements like DIY moon pendant, small framed painting, or a hat.

A Moroccan poof on the floor brings in more seating options, and a black-and-white photo of the ocean creates a peaceful vibe. Add personality to your desktop with DIY wall pocket, mirror, a basket to hold supplies, and a brass lamp for an extra work light.

Eclectic & Graphics Style

Using eclectic or graphics styles, you can design an impactful space with a combination of dark colors and black-and-white art. Such a dorm room is for those of you who like a mix of design styles from mid-century to modern.

Put a rug in dark tones on the floor as it establishes some pattern and texture without being too loud. A fun metal hashtag on the wall is a bold statement along with a large black-and-white sketch of a cactus.

Dark blue bedding gives you a mixed print moment when paired with the rug.

Make the bed more inviting with a mix of patterned and fuzzy throw pillows. Designate a reading area with a butterfly chair, side table, and minimal pendant light hung above. If you are sick of sticky strips, you can prop your art up on the desk instead of hanging it. And the finishing touches of personality like pictures and mugs will complete this great space.

Pink Style for Real Princesses

This style is for those who love to be in the spotlight.

Treat yourself to a colorful space that celebrates fun and function. Bring in a pastel rug with a geometric pattern as well as a bright throw blanket and throw pillow that plays with a mix of pink tones. Copper is the metal choice for this room, and you can add more of that with another DIY wall pocket and drum style side table.

By the way, the copper pipe ladder with clips tied on provides storage and display options. Use a roll of donut print wrapping paper to create a floor-to-ceiling strip of the delicious-looking pattern.

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