3 Countries That Are Perfect For Digital Nomads

With the age of advanced technological advancements, the appeal for the digital nomadic work life is growing stronger.

People are now appreciating the opportunity that the digital nomad lifestyle offers in terms of flexibility and ease of doing things.

Being a digital nomad, you get to travel to a host of destinations across the globe.

Nonetheless, digital nomads must factor in several things in order to have an enjoyable and memorable time. Language barriers, travel cost, good internet connectivity, and the host nation’s culture are essential factors to consider beforehand.

Here are the top countries that are perfect for digital nomads.


Greece has for a very long time been among the top travel destinations in the world.

It boasts of magnificent Mediterranean climate, rich history and culture, and breathtaking natural sceneries to enjoy. The country offers a perfect combination of mountain, sea, cities, islands and small villages making a serious contender for digital nomads.

The beaches, for instance, those found in the city of Thessaloniki offer the best relaxation sceneries and places for digital nomads to work in. Furthermore, Greece has good internet connectivity that makes it relatively easy to work remotely.

Generally, the life of a digital nomad is a bit hectic. Therefore a nice atmosphere to relax and work in is highly appreciated.

Being a digital nomad, you get to mix work and fun. As they say, work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


This Southeast Asia nation has been a hot favorite destination for travelers and vacation lovers for years. The country has a relatively low cost of living in addition to having stunning views.

For a digital nomad, this can be a good workplace travel destination since it offers a diverse array of culture and historical hotspot.

A perfect place to start from is Chiang Mai a town nestled between mountains and offering a luxurious gateway to enjoy the enchanting tropical scenery.

Chiang Mai offers a nice nomadic lifestyle with well-furnished working spaces and shared offices where you can comfortably work.

Also, there are lots of WI-FI fitted cafes and restaurants to ensure that you get to replenish your energy to carry on with your nomadic work activities. Restaurants offer a wide range of amazing Thai and western foods for just a few dollars.

The low cost of living in Thailand is what makes this a perfect digital nomad destination.


South America, in general, has been a popular travel destination for many digital nomads owing to its charm and never-ending beauty.

One country you should visit is Guatemala’s capital Antigua. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site thus its high-profile status as a digital nomad destination. The city still has its colonial aura while boasting of internationally acclaimed cafes and restaurants serving the finest Guatemalan recipes.

The great thing about the city is that it has free Wifi in most restaurants and hotels, thus offering you the opportunity to work in a relaxed way.

Moreover, the cost of living is very low, and the host citizens are very friendly. Remember you are a Nomad, Not Mad and you need to enjoy your work in the best way possible.

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