Divorce Statistics: Every 22 Seconds US Parents Get Divorced

Marriages seem to be very fragile these days. It’s not that people have more problems than they used to, or that they are less traditional. It looks just like the times changed, and we, as a society, are more willing to fight for our happiness. Sometimes being happy means living a separate life. Of course, the statistics and the rise in the number of divorces are highly concerning.

In the USA, every 13 seconds, a couple gets divorced, and every 22 seconds, parents get divorced.

Researchers are trying to find out the reasons behind these decisions, and sometimes it is more than arguing or falling out of love. Actually, there is so much more to how divorce works than just court and signing the papers. It is predicted that in the coming years, almost 50% of all US marriages will end up in a divorce or separation.

It feels like we need to find a method to stay happy and married at the same time, and it is not an easy task.

Marriage comes in with its challenges, and the divorce rate suggests that people can’t get past those challenges. One thing is for sure, to be able to make the term family survive in the form that is currently used, the topic of the rise in the number of divorces needs to be taken seriously.

The issue with communication is the biggest problem between spouses according to research, and it feels like it’s the right place to start.

If you ever find yourself in this not comfortable position in which you are no longer together with your partner, make sure to work things out enough to communicate well. Also, Forget about the myths of co-parenting, it can be done in an effective manner. There is no such thing as the only right model of a family.

As long as you try and pay attention to your children’s needs, they will have a perfectly normal childhood. For more co-parenting facts, check out the graphic below.


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