Shortcuts That Turn Two-Week DIY Jobs Into Something You Can Do in a Day

DIY is one of those annoying things. Part of you enjoys the experience and the satisfaction that comes with making improvements to your home. But there’s also a side of you who wishes that you could get it all done quicker. For many of us, it is not a labor of love, but something that we must grit our teeth and do. 

It turns out, however, that there are shortcuts for most jobs around the home. It’s just a question of knowing what they are and then taking advantage of specialist methods. 

Avoid Kitchen Counter Replacements By Painting Them

Ripping out an old kitchen and replacing it with a new one is a notoriously long and costly endeavor, usually requiring the help of a paid professional. Sometimes the work can go on for two weeks or more, depending on how much work you have done. 

But now, though, there is a group of companies who want to make life easier for homeowners by providing them with paint that transforms their existing countertops into something new. 

The rationale behind this idea comes from the fact that most counters are still in good condition when their owners decide to replace them. Often, there’s no fundamental reason to remove them. They just don’t match the new decor. 

But it seems a waste to throw out all that material when much of it is still in good condition. So these new paints allow you to avoid the expense and speed up the process of swapping out your existing countertop for a new one. 

Buy An Air-Powered Paint Sprayer

Painting a wall with a roller brush can take hours.

If you want to decorate your entire home or get it ready for a sale, it can take a whole month if you do it yourself by hand. You have to apply the primer, then the base coat, then the topcoat, and then the gloss, if applicable in all rooms. 

You can get around this hard work, though, by using products, like the Airlessco paint sprayer.

All you do here is prepare the area you wish to paint and then switch it on. It takes a few minutes to cover a wall, and then you’re free to move onto the next area. Thus, a job that might have taken a month in the past might take a day or less. 

Remarkable when you think about it. 

Use A Patterned Roller Paint Patterns On Your Walls, Instead Of Using Wallpaper

Wallpapering is a notoriously tricky job. You have to line up each sheet perfectly and unbroken from the floor to the ceiling. It’s challenging, and many DIY enthusiasts would prefer to avoid it at all costs. 

Fortunately, some smart innovators have come up with a solution. All you do here is apply a base coat to your wall and then buy a unique roller with a pattern printed on it. These tools use an embossed stencil attached to a paint-engorged foam reel that allows you to create a column of patterned paint that looks like wallpaper in one fell swoop. 

Jeff Campbell

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