What are the Best DIY Ideas to Try Out to Decorate My Room?

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In-home keeping, the decoration is an important sub-set. Decorations bring life and vigor to anywhere they are found. However, decorations could be so expensive at times- if you spend hours drooling over beautifully decorated rooms on HGTV, you probably know this already.

This gets us wondering about things we could make ourselves, without necessarily spending more than a few bucks. Moreover, who doesn’t want their home to have more of a personal feel?

That being said, in this article, we’ve brought you the best DIY ideas that will transform your room from top to bottom with merely a hundred dollars. You will definitely want to incorporate them into your home’s interior decoration. Here they are:

Get the DIY mentality

If you wish to go on this DIY journey, firstly, you’ve got to take your mind off everything you’ve seen on the television or in a magazine.

When these guys set out to re-decorate a room; they throw thousands of dollars into it and hire the best of technicians, repairers, and professionals.

Since you plan on redoing your home with as little bucks as possible, your aim should be retaining as much a possible rather than replacing them. Instead of disposing of your things, you should find aim at finding creative ways of making them look new.

Rearrange your furniture 

The eye is naturally drawn to the most conspicuous items in the room. Finding a way of making your furniture look more attractive is a great way of redecorating your room. One way you can do this is by rearranging your furniture.

For instance, if the first thing you see when you step into a room is the back of your sofa; the sofa blocks traffic and makes the room generally less inviting and attractive.

Move the sofa to the opposite walls to create space for better traffic flow and generate a new focal point for your room. If you can’t find a good way of creating a comfortable arrangement, the problem might be that you have too many of them in the house; so, don’t buy new ones!

DIY in-ground pools

Imagine having a pool for just a few thousands of dollars or even less than a thousand!

Compared to the 20,000 dollars a professional swimming company would charge you, this is incredibly cheap! There are several ways you could go about building an in-ground pool yourself. however, the cheapest DIY pool would be a DIY wood pool.

Actually, it’s quite simple.

The first step, obviously, is to have a hole dug into your preferred site. if you have your materials- wood, a couple of nails, a hammer and some other equipment- the process is really simple! It’s no crime if you get some tutorials on how to go about it, so as to avoid mistakes. Just don’t forget to get robot pool cleaners for your inground pool; these pools could get very dirty at times.

Paint it yourself 

Another easy way of changing the entire appeal of a room is by painting it. In a few hours, good painting can transform a poor-looking room into a haven.

If need be, do not use the same paint as before to create another feel for your room. with painting, you can also create illusions to make your home look a little bit different. For instance,

  • To make the room look higher: In many homes, the ceilings are painted white not just for beautification purposes but to also make the room look much higher.
  • To make small rooms appear bigger: Here, you really don’t want to call attention to how narrow the room is, so, use the same ceiling paint trick in reverse. Paint the walls in a color darker than the ceiling colors. This way, your room gets to look more spacious. If you have bullnose corners where paint colors change, make sure to paint those carefully.

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