The DIY You Should Never Try

Contributed post by Samantha Garbett

Some people are very handy about the home, but there are some DIY jobs even they should not get involved with.

There are some things that if you get them wrong the fix can be costlier than it would have been to get the professionals in to start with.

Painting, wallpapering and general décor is fine, but know where you need to stop and call the experts.


Electrics are the most obvious of all jobs in the home that you should bring in a qualified electrician for. Messing up your electrics can be very costly, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

A powerful enough electric shock can be fatal, and even a mild one can make someone ill.


Feeding a few pipes through a wall, or connecting a couple might seem an easy task, but if the work you have done leaks, the water damage can be disastrous.

You could have ruined ceilings and furnishings, which could cost a lot of money to replace and repair. In fact, you would be better having a personal cash advance and paying a plumber to do the work, as in the long run that will be much cheaper.

You really can’t mess around with these kinds of things.


Unless you are an experienced builder you should never knock a wall down in your own home.

If it turns out to be a load bearing wall you could end up with ceilings collapsing, your roof caving in or some sagging beams.

Even if you get an expert to let you know that the wall is safe to remove without affecting the integrity of your home, there are ways this sort of job should be handled.

Done in the wrong way you put yourself at the risk of injury, and you are far better off having the professionals remove the wall for you.

Let The Pros Deal With The Heavy Stuff

There are some household items that are so heavy you risk injuring yourself or damaging the goods. Granite worktops are a typical example.

The professionals will know the best way to put these in place without causing any damage and will have the proper tools that are needed to deal with them.

If you want your granite worktops to look like a professional job, then let the professionals handle them.

Plastering And Tiling

Plastering and tiling are art forms, that if not done correctly will annoy you forever more.

If you have an unsmooth plaster surface where it shouldn’t be, or a tile is just a little out of place, you will wish every time you see it that you had had tradespeople complete that particular home repair.

You may be surprised how quickly experienced plasterers and tillers can finish a job, and certainly they will be worth every penny they cost you.

What you really need to consider is if you will organise the experts to do these jobs yourself, or will you employ one building company to do it all for you.

Whichever you decide, you need to see their insurance certificate before they start any work, and to make sure they are fully qualified.

Otherwise, you might as well mess it up yourself.


Jeff Campbell

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