Fun DIYS And Crafts For Summer

Now that the summer is almost here officially, it is the ideal time for us to take a look at some fun things to do around the house and garden to make it look bright, light, and fun.

Crafting is something a lot of us enjoy doing during the summer months and that’s why today we are going to combine this with some practical jobs to do to keep you occupied all weekend long!

Retire the roof

Now that the harsh winter is finally over, it is safe for us to head up to the roof and do some work in the structure.

If you have some free time over the weekend you can either hire residential roofers or grab some shingles from the hardware store and try your hand at retiling. Once you’re done the house will look good as new!

Gummy bear ice lollies

We have to be able to enjoy a sweet treat or two during the summer, and these super simple ice lollies are the ideal addition to your freezer!

All you will need is some sprite and gummy bears, and an ice lolly mold. Simply pour full the molds with gummy bears and pour over sprite and freeze for a sweet and fruity treat you’ll love!

Succulent planter  

For brightening up any side table or windowsill, why not grab some clay and seashells and make a summery succulent plant pot this weekend?

All you need to do is mold clay with your thumb into the shape of a bowl, and then pierce a small drainage hole in the bottom with a straw.

Now you can press seashells into the outside of the planter and leave to dry overnight. Plant your favorite succulent and you’ll have a wonderful seaside accessory.

DIY teepee

The summer always allows us to have great opportunities for going outdoors and enjoying the sun.

Now that you are ready for the warmer days, why not create your own teepee to act as the ideal summer hideaway in the garden? All you will need for this is lots and lots of Fabric of our choice and a rail or tree to hang it from.

Pin it into the ground to form a tent shape and voila!

DIY Rainbow Roses

This science experiment is one most of us have tried during our childhood and you can bring it to you Home for a stunning display in a vase.

Take some roses and 3 different glasses with water. In each glass place a few drops of red, yellow and blue food dye respectively.

Slice the stem of the rose into 3, a few inches up so that you can place a piece in each glass. Leave overnight. The rose will take up water with each different color and this will dye the rose.

You will end up with a rose which has all of the colors of the rainbow!

Rope candle

When decorating the home for the summer you might want to add as many different beachy items to the space but you also want to keep things classy.

This is why this candle is the ideal choice for you.

All you need is a jar, some glue and rope, and either a tealight or a wick and wax. If making a candle with wax, melt the wax and pour into the jar, holding a wick in the middle. Let dry and then wrap rope around the candle and glue to secure.

If using a tealight it is even easier!

Water Color Pillows

For a modern touch to the home which will look both classy and elegant, these watercolor pillows are just what you need.

To make some stunning watercolor pillows you need to grab some fabric dye and white pillowcases.

On the pillowcases, add some water to make the surface a little moist. Drop small drops of ink onto the pillowcase and let it disperse.

You can also drop more water on top of the ink to make it spread further and this will eventually leave you with a stunning design.

Painted Cactus Rocks

If you love the idea of having plants in the house but you are not green fingered at all, then this next easy craft is fun for you.

All you need for this is a pot, lots of rocks and pebbles, some glue and some paint.

Simply fill a plant pot halfway with small rocks and pour in some glue to secure. Now take larger rocks and paint them green with spikes and lines to look like cacti.

Glue these upright in the pot and voila.

Easy pasta salad

Everyone needs a good pasta salad recipe which will wow at summer parties and barbecues, and this one couldn’t be any easier.

All you need for this Italian pasta salad is mini mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, pesto, and tortellini. Mix together in a bowl and you’ll have a lovely fresh af filling salad for everyone to enjoy.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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