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Does CBD Show Up on Drug Test?

In general, CBD is considered the future of holistic medication. This is so because the natural Cannabinoid mimics the Endocannabinoid system. Thus, your body gets natural relief from inflammation, pain, and anxiety. However, it is essential to know the answer to the question: “Does CBD Show up on Drug Test or not”.

For starters, always keep the plant source into consideration. Unlike Marijuana, Hemp plants have low THC concentration. Consequently, you won’t get high even after consuming a significant amount of CBD.

That said if you want to know more about issues related to CBD consumption then go through the article below.

Overview of CBD 

Primarily, CBD is used to cure depression, muscular and joint pain, as well as inducing sleep. On the contrary, you may have to face legal issues if Cannabidiol shows up on a drug test. Reportedly, several international sportspersons and celebrities have faced charges regarding illicit drug usage.

With that said, if the medication you are using has a high percentage of THC then in relation that CBD Product might be put under scrutiny.

Before you consume any Cannabidiol product it is essential to go through a CBD oil review. Thus, you will get to know the ingredients present in the product. Besides, always avoid the usage of Marijuana products. Always purchase Cannabidiol products that are made of pure CBD or have low THC concentration. Most importantly, a positive drug test is shown when CBD breaks down in the stomach.

Thereby your stomach acid contains molecules of THC metabolites.

So Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

As mentioned above, THC is one of the active Cannabinoid that breaks down in the stomach. On the contrary, even a high concentration of CBD isn’t detected in a drug test. This is so because drug tests focus on the antibody’s immunoassay. Hence, only metabolites formed from marijuana’s oxidation are shown.

How long THC stays in your body

THC breaks down quickly in the body and mixes with the blood. Further, this compound stays for about 2 days after a single usage. On the other hand, THC might stay in the body for a longer time after frequent usage.

That said CBD lasts for about 32 hours inside the body.


First things first, it is the most common method of testing THC concentration. The heavy concentration of THC can be detected even after 30 days.


It is the most uncommon method to test for THC concentration. However, THC metabolites stay in the hair for about 90 days.


Notably, blood is not used for THC detection at the workplace. This is so because THC eliminates quickly from the bloodstream. For instance, THC only stays around 5 hours in blood plasma.


At present, no cut-off limits have been established for detecting THC in saliva. Nevertheless, THC stays around 72 hours in saliva. Further, THC stays for a longer time in the case of heavy users.

CBD Types

Generally, CBD is one of the Cannabidiols obtained from Cannabis species.

In comparison to Marijuana, Hemp plants have dormant seeds and leaves. Thereby, they have low THC concentration, lower than 0.3%. Also, the method of cultivation and extraction has a direct impact on THC concentration.

The 3 main types of CBD extracts are discussed below. But that’s on top of the new trend of organically grown CBD, hemp, and THC products. For the best of the best in the organically grown market, make sure to check out Organic CBD Nugs.


As the name suggests, full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of a Cannabis species. That said full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, proteins, flavonoids as well as THC. More importantly, the concentration of THC varies in different marijuana strains.

Contrary to this, full-spectrum CBD obtained from Hemp plants contain low THC concentration.

To be specific the THC concentration is below 0.3%. You can buy a wide range of full-spectrum products like oils, edibles, serum, tinctures, and creams.


Unlike full-spectrum, the broad-spectrum CBD products do not contain THC. However, they have additional terpenes, flavonoids, and proteins. Thus, you will get an entourage effect.

More importantly, this product doesn’t have any addiction or psychoactive properties. Thereby you do not have to worry about a thing, even after continuous usage. However, you can mostly use this CBD extract in the form of oils.


Pure-isolate CBD extract doesn’t contain additional terpenes, flavonoids, or proteins.

Moreover, CBD extracts are devoid of any psychoactive THC concentration. Hence, you can use them to cure several medical conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, muscular pain, etc. Last but not least, you can buy CBD isolate in the form of tinctures or oils.

Benefits You Should Know about Taking Different Types of CBD

CBD contains phytocannabinoids that mimics the ECS and regulate several bodily functions.

In brief, ECS is responsible for nerve impulses, pain alleviation, proper homeostasis, and enhancing immunity. Along with ECS, CBD also influences Anandamide neurotransmitters and anti-stress hormones.

Without much ado, some of the most promising benefits offered by CBD are mentioned below.

Alleviates after-effects of Chemotherapy

Patients undergoing chemotherapy, have to suffer from several side effects viz. nausea, inflammations, body ache, etc. You can buy cbd cream for pain that is easy to use and offer genuine relief. Researchers have found out that Cannabidiol usage also increases immunity.

Likewise, your appetite and energy level will increase.

Offers relief from anxiety

Both depression and anxiety lead to several complications in the body. Several sites offer high-quality CBD Gummies for Anxiety, made of different extracts. All in all, Cannabidiols targets Anandamide neurotransmitters and serotonin hormone.

As a result, you will get genuine relief from PTSD, phobias, social anxiety, etc.

Helps to curb seizures

CBD is the most potent natural compound that provides relief from headaches and seizures.

Primarily, CBD induces the release of Endocannabinoids in the body. Thereby the level of AEA increases. In effect of this, the cerebrospinal fluid and plasma level in the brain decreases.

Moreover, the FAAH enzyme enhances the degradation of CSF in the peripheral and central nervous systems. Consequently, you will get immediate relief from childhood epilepsy and migraines.

Induces sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns and insomnia leads to several mental ailments.

Most importantly, people suffer from insomnia due to high adrenaline levels and rapid nerve stimulus. CBD oil for sleep reduces the level of adrenaline. Therefore, your flight response is reduced during sleeping hours.

As discussed above, Cannabidiol also reduces phobias, PTSD, etc.

Reduces bodily inflammations and pain

This is considered as one of the most endearing benefits of CBD.

Your body might suffer from pain due to accidents, genetics, old age, strenuous exercise, etc. Cannabidiols not only influence the Endocannabinoid system but it also regulates the impulse speed. This is the reason why you will get genuine relief from pain and inflammations.

The Side Effects & the Top Reasons CBD can cause you to fail a drug test

Besides offering several benefits, CBD may also trigger some complications in the body.

Furthermore, the level of side effects differs from one person to the other. With that said, you should consult a physician in advance.

Dry mouth

This is one of the highly reported side effects of CBD consumption. Particularly, CBD inhibits the saliva formation. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated while consuming CBD for pain or anxiety.

Nausea and dizziness

CBD, directly and indirectly, influence the CB1, CB2 receptors as well as nerve stimulus. Henceforth, you might feel lightheaded or nauseated. As a precaution do not indulge in any immediate physical activity after consuming CBD.

Fluctuations in body weight

Cannabidiol directly influences the metabolic activity of the body. For that reason, you may have to deal with a dramatic change in body weight.

Cause complications during pregnancy

Before consuming CBD during pregnancy, consult a doctor. This is so because Cannabidiol causes severe complications at the time of delivery. More importantly, it interferes with fetus development.

You may fail a drug test due to the following reasons.

  • The Cannabidiol oil breaks in the stomach
  • You might be using an adulterated product
  • You might have consumed a product that is mislabeled

Lastly What CBD Types Should you consider?

Always try to consume pure isolate or broad-spectrum CBD products. Both of them do not contain THC. Hence, you will be able to pass the drug test with flying colors.

However, if you want to use a full-spectrum, then check on the THC concentration. With that said make sure the concentration is lower than 0.3%.

The bottom line for Does CBD Show up on Drug Test

In brief, always Buy cbd products online from a reputed site.

Hence, you do not have to worry about consuming mislabeled or adulterated CBD products. Contrary to Hemp, Marijuana plants have high THC concentration. In effect of this, you should always try to consume either isolate or broad-spectrum CBD.

Before consuming full-spectrum CBD, make sure that the THC concentration is lower than 0.3%. CBD helps to cure several physical and mental ailments. On the contrary, CBD can also trigger a few complications.

Therefore, you must consult a doctor before consumption.

Jeff Campbell