Does Dating Online Really Work?

Many of us are anxious to find “the one” or, at least, start working towards that goal. More often than not, that first step starts with dating, of which there are a great many ways to approach. In the digital age, when the stars rarely align to create a serendipitous meeting between the man or woman of your dreams, some resort to online dating.

We know; it conjures up thoughts of bad dates and comical experiences you’d rather not take part in. True enough, dating online can have its fair share of moments you would rather forget, but it can hold tons of benefits, too.

Take that happily married couple who started getting to know each other from behind their digital screens, for instance. Theirs is a frequent enough happy ending that should convince you that it’s worth joining or other legit dating sites.

Does Online Dating Work?

So, does dating online truly work? You might be thinking of the typical cons associated with the idea, but that shouldn’t keep you from giving it a try. After all, like so many matters in love, there’s an element of risk involved to make victory all the sweeter.

Then again, it’s not as if things are completely against you. Countering those bad and humiliating experiences from online dating are long-term relationships and happy endings that could just as well be your fate.

What Do the Experts Say?

Shallow relationships and ghosting are some potential pitfalls of dating online, especially when compared to meeting someone in person. That said, incorporating it into your dating approach should leave you with more chances of finding the right person.

When carefully and responsibly approached, there should be nothing to fear from online dating. The following findings by experts should have you sharing the same sentiments:

1. Online dating is more popular than ever.

The numbers don’t lie. It has been proven that a third of Americans, as opposed to just shy above a tenth six years prior, had used online dating in 2019. Close to half of that third either ended up getting married to or began a committed relationship with the person they met online. This statistic was also a significant increase from the prior years.

2. Online dating is practical.

In this day and age, when most people barely have time to prepare a decent meal, let alone meet other people, online dating can be a godsend. It has also been found that more than half of those who’ve tried dating online ended up happy with their experiences.

Whether it was to find something long-term, casual, or someone to marry, the majority of these people found what they were looking for.

3. Online dating is easy.

Aside from being easy to use and navigate, online dating platforms make it a breeze for participants to find potentially compatible partners. In many of these sites and apps, members are usually matched based on their hobbies and interests.

That said, they also have the freedom to message anyone who they think possesses the qualities they want in someone.

Through online dating, you can connect with those who want the same things as you. After all, not everyone is looking for something long-term or a person to get married to. Some want to keep it casual and fun. They want to have a good time, and platforms give them that opportunity.

How To Maximize the Benefits of Online Dating

We’ve talked a bit about the benefits of dating online, but what does it take to maximize these benefits?

Do Some Soul Searching

Is online dating really for you? Some like doing things the old-fashioned way and meeting people in person. After thorough consideration of online dating, you might still feel that it doesn’t align with your views of how dating should be done. That’s perfectly okay. Besides, such things are not set in stone, and you might yet realize how beneficial these platforms are.

Then again, a bit of reflection is still required even if you’re willing to give dating online a try. After all, you might even know what you want in a partner, which could make internet dating dizzying and complicated.

Before downloading an app or two or visiting a site, make sure you know clearly who you are and what it is you’re looking for.

Put Thought and Effort into Your Profile

Not all dating apps and websites are created equal. However, most of the popular ones are user-friendly and easy to navigate. When making your profile, use photos and descriptions that genuinely convey who you are.

Potential partners may skip over a rushed or hastily done profile, as it may create the assumption that someone likes things easy.

So, What Are the Chances You’ll Meet Your Future Partner Online?

Whether you meet someone virtually or in person, you can still very much have a healthy relationship. However, these methods differ for various reasons. Organic meetups operate on the premise that two people already share common interests, which they can use to build an authentic connection from the start.

That isn’t to say online dating can’t be as effective. Banking on the presumption that everyone on the site is a potential match, there should be more than enough opportunities for you to find “the one.”

You also know from the onset that most of these people are on the same boat as you—they’re singles hoping to form relationships by connecting online. Thus, the chances that “the one” is somewhere out there are pretty good, as they’re using the same platform to look for someone like you.

Jeff Campbell