Dress for Success: How to Create a Work Wardrobe Worth Getting Up For

Getting ready for your day should be fun, not complicated. You deserve to love your wardrobe, and it should allow you to take on your day with confidence. If you’re having some trouble creating a cohesive wardrobe, here are some ideas to enhance your style so you can not only dress to impress, but also dress for success.

Evaluate your wardrobe

The first step to achieving a wardrobe that you’re proud of is evaluating what you need.

To determine what you need in your wardrobe, you must figure out what your day to day life requires. Do you need business casual attire? Do you need weekend outfits or outfits for a particular season? These are questions you must answer so that you can pick out the appropriate clothes for your overall wardrobe.

For example, you probably dress differently at work then you do on a weekend out, or even at the gym.

These situational cues are important to recognize so you can choose the most successful outfit for the occasion. It’s key to evaluate what you need for each situation to feel confident no matter where you are. Plus, studies show that dressing for success works. Take the time to pick out the perfect outfit so you can feel confident and send the right message with your appearance.

Don’t forget to accessorize

To be on top of your clothing game, you should consider adding in accessories.

You can add jewelry, like a new necklace. You can also get a pair of earrings, bracelets or wear a watch that you love. By adding accessories to your outfits, you can express yourself and throw some excitement into every outfit. What’s great about jewelry is that it’s a really simple way to dress up a normal-looking outfit to make it look high-class.

Maybe you already own a few pieces of jewelry that you love.

If you haven’t been able to wear your favorite piece because it’s broken, you should consider getting it fixed. If you have a watch that you want to wear, but it needs repairing, conduct an online search depending on your location. For instance, enter “watch repair Baltimore” if you’re in the greater Baltimore area to find a well-reviewed repair shop near you. You’ll find repair places nearby like Nelson Coleman Jewelers.

They’re an experienced and reliable shop that you can trust to fix your favorite watch. This way, you can use your newly repaired watch to your ensembles.

Give your technology some style

A huge part of today’s world is our tech.

Let’s face it, you carry your phone and other devices around everywhere. Your wardrobe extends to the things you carry around with you. Whether you’re with your friends showing off pictures, or making a business call, your phone is always by your side. By purchasing a unique case you can show off your style in a functional way.

And, if you’re looking for one of kind way to style your phone, consider a wooden phone case from Limited77.

They make the best-handcrafted and stylish wooden cell phone cases you can find. What’s even better is that they offer cases for all of the top phones including iPhones, the Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy.

A new case adds a little something different into your life, and you’ll be happy to show it off. Limited77 cases are made from all-natural materials, like real, eco-friendly wood.

However, they’re not just for cosmetic purposes. They are durable, and they offer a screen protection guarantee and free exchange if you don’t like the case you purchased. Overall, Limited77 offers some of the best wooden phone cases on the market for a reasonable price, allowing you to customize and glamorize another aspect of your life.

Find the right fit

An important part of loving what you wear is perfectly tailored clothes.

The clothes you wear must fit you comfortably, but also show off your favorite parts of yourself. Ensure that you get the right fit for your body type. For example, if you’re shorter than the average woman, petite dresses might be appropriate. Petite women are a height of 5’3 or shorter.

White House Black Market has a wide selection of petite clothing for the office or a fun night out.

This way you can buy clothes that fit you better from the beginning to avoid spending time and money on tailoring, which can be quite costly. It’s reported that your clothes have a large effect on your mood in various ways, too. By purchasing clothes that fit you well, you’re improving your overall self-esteem and confidence.

Now that you know the power of a solid wardrobe and some tips on how to enhance yours, you can start dressing with more intention. By paying more attention to your personal style and adding unique touches to your life, you will feel confident enough to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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