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Top Hacks To Earn Extra Money On Amazon

It’s hard to believe that Amazon launched as a small online second-hand book store. Now Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers, with a net value that now exceeds $602 billion, and continues to grow exponentially. Some financial experts predict that soon the value of the company will be worth $1 trillion.

As the company grows, so does its target market, and because it offers so many different services and products, they are able to create unique jobs and side hustles for those who want to earn extra money or work from home.

How can you make money on Amazon? This largely depends on how much time, energy, and talent you have. But you can learn more using the nicheforever amazon affiliate marketing guide.

Here are a few options, ranging from the least to the most demanding:

Level 1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is a service where you can choose from a variety of small tasks that match your skills.

You can do these tasks from the comfort of your home every day while receiving a great income. You can also choose your own schedule and define your own responsibilities. Payment is automatically credited to your bank account when the assignment is completed. You are also entitled to earn bonuses.

The work is often quite simple, such as checking data, taking part in surveys, moderating content and research, in order to enhance data collection and analysis and to accelerate the development of machine learning.

As an MTurk user, you can easily make between $150 to $200 each week on Amazon, as well as get better-paid jobs once you have reached the quota of the smaller jobs.

This process enhances companies’ ability to use collective intelligence, skills, and knowledge of employees from around the world.

Level 2. Amazon Handmade Items

In addition to your dominant position in the market, if you manufacture and sell handmade items, such as handbags or jewelry, you can also try to sell these items on Amazon Handmade.

This marketplace competes with Etsy and eBay.

The overall coverage is quite broad, therefore, the amount of commission earned is affected. Handcraft fees are much higher than Etsy’s, charging a 15% commission fee and a $1 minimum referral fee, whereas Etsy charges 3.5% commission and a 20% placement fee.

Obviously, you pay a higher price for the bigger audience that Amazon has around the world. However, on Amazon, your profits will be lower.

If you manufacture and sell handmade products, you can apply to join Amazon Handmade, if your products fall into certain categories and are completely handmade, modified or assembled manually, and are exclusively crafted by you or one of your employees.

Their rules are strict, so be sure to read and understand all the requirements that are expected.

Level 3. Amazon Work at Home Careers

Amazon also provides a customer service option that you can perform from home as a home based career. They pay you about $11 per hour and provide you with full-time or part-time services in some states and regions.

Online opportunities aren’t available everywhere, but if you live in a particular area, you can apply for a job at home with Amazon, as long as you are qualified and fit the profile for the job.

The basic salary is $10. While full-time and part-time positions are only available in certain areas, you can filter your search by “work from home” and “workplace” category.

All possible positions are listed, such as customer service representatives, for people who speak a language other than English.

There are also non-customer service positions that can potentially be filled by qualified technicians, such as cloud customer service managers and technical instructors.

Level 4. Being an Affiliate

On Amazon, there are many different programs for affiliate employees. You can easily earn money when someone buys something through an affiliate link.

Register as an affiliate to promote your products and advertise products you find interesting on your blog, social media, and whatnot.

Thanks to the popularity of Amazon, it is a well-known and trusted brand. Thus, you can earn 10% of your income as an affiliate on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliates was one of the first affiliate marketing programs launched in the 1990s, where bloggers and website owners created affiliate links to promote their sales. If a click triggered a sale on Amazon, affiliates would then earn a referral fee.

The process is still ongoing and simple, as you can choose from more than one million products to advertise to your customers, as well as get up to 10% on the Amazon promotional fee.

Users range from bloggers to large online networks, or e-commerce sites that use link tools to generate an income from their sites and earn on Amazon.

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Level 5. Publishing and Selling your Own E-Books

One can sell e-books on Amazon (and even have other people write them for you) and earn money at the same time.

There is a service name, Kindle E-Books, which is the best way to publish your ebook. This is an service, which is also known as Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your own book in the bookstore and get about 70% royalties when selling it.

This is another interesting way to make money on Amazon.

Edition of Kindle is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways to earn money on Amazon. This is the largest electronics retailer in the United States, with hundreds of millions of customers a day.

One can earn up to 70% on royalties and publish your book within minutes. It will then appear on the Amazon website within two days.

Once it is published, you can sell it worldwide on Amazon websites in multiple languages and get it published within the Kindle ecosystem. You can also control your rights and set your own price lists.

Although, before you try it, make sure you know your niche and what is currently on the market. Make sure you have quality content, a winning game, and a great cover.

Once everything is finalized, you will be able to advertise and promote your book to earn money on Amazon Kindle, which almost free.

Level 6 Ultimate. By Selling Products – FBA model

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a much simpler option if you are wanting to sell your products, compared to the option implemented by the seller on Amazon, where you have to take care of your own storage, transportation, and a profit.

The main difference between both sales methods is that, with the help of FBA, you can send your inventory to Amazon and they will take care of all the packaging, transportation, and customer service, as well as a profit.

This is less burdensome and eliminates the need to keep track of your inventory and floor space, as well as increasing customer outreach. This way, you can earn money from Amazon without any administrative hassles.

This is a pay-as-you-go option, where you are only charged for storage space. Shipping costs are included in the price, without any additional charges from Amazon.

However, to make sure that your product is sold, it would be useful to choose products that are appealing to an audience.

Initially, they may be sold at lower prices, so more people buy the product and leave feedback, to help you change your strategy accordingly.

If you are puzzled about which strategy works best for you, Amazon offers an FBA profitability calculator, so when you earn on Amazon, it is worth your time and effort to look into this.

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Tips While Working on Amazon Ecommerce:

These are the biggest gifts for those who choose to sell on Amazon, and is the most popular way to make money:

  • Sell a product that is in the range of $30-50, and seek a profit margin of around $20, if possible.
  • Make sure you have enough stock for least 3-6 months before the holidays. Refill your inventory because your sales (hopefully) will exceed during the holiday wave.
  • If you are from China, remember that there are a lot of holidays in China, especially the Chinese New Year. In fact, this means that China will be closed for about a month between February and March.
  • Make sure you carefully calculate the fees on Amazon. The deductions on Amazon are quite significant, from shipping fees and seller’s subscription. There are many calculators created by Amazon sellers to provide clarity on how much the seller’s fee can cost so that you can accurately calculate your income.
  • Similar to the point mentioned above, carefully calculate the shipping costs. If you are a supplier from China, understand how shipping costs will affect your final profit.
  • Do your math with pricing. It is better to use automated pricing software such as SellerSnap. This will apply the optimal strategy for each individual listing, maximizing profits while maintaining a fair share in the Buy Box, and avoiding price wars with other sellers.


Amazon is one of the best online networks, providing an opportunity to earn money for sellers, manufacturers, writers, website owners, and affiliate marketers.

You can easily earn money by opening an account on Amazon and starting your own online business. Just be careful from the very beginning and sell your products wisely.

It’s such a big market that you have room to be creative and fit in, whether it’s designing T-shirts, working as an affiliate, delivering goods, writing books, or completing small tasks, Amazon has the solution to all of these.

Just pick what seems best tailored to you and go ahead and get started.

Jeff Campbell