21 Easy Ways You Can Earn Extra Money This Month

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Looking to earn extra money?

I get it! Right now we’re expecting our 3rd baby, my wife is off work for the immediate future. So we’re down to one income (mine!) and expanding our family to 5. You can bet I need to earn extra money!

We’re approaching the Christmas holiday season (hint; that means spending more money) and who knows what kind of expenses we may have in the next 6 months.

I am constantly thinking about ways to earn extra money.  Just a small infusion of cash can make a big difference when you’re on a tight budget.  But when you look on the internet at ways to earn extra money, it can be a little overwhelming.

Some sound too good to be true.  Many sound scammy or spammy. A few are probably are totally legit but might require an initial cash investment (hey we’re here to earn extra money, not spend money we don’t have, right?)

But, there really are a TON of things you can do on the side without a large investment of time or money.  Money you can use to pay off debt, save for Christmas Spending or just let you catch your breath and stop living Paycheck to Paycheck.

But let’s dive into my . . . 

21 Simple Ways You Can Earn Extra Money This Month

1. Sell stuff!

It sounds simple. If you’re anything like me you’ve got tons of stuff in your house you aren’t using.  You can sell on Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon or even your local neighborhood Facebook page if you have one.  I typically find Craigslist is best for larger things that would have high shipping costs or for things that are hyper-local (like my wife’s college textbook from last semester that was branded with her college name). Ebay is not as great as it was a decade ago, but if you search for your item and don’t see hundreds of others selling the same thing it can still be a good way to go; just make sure to price your things competitively.

2. Amazon FBA Program

Very simply this is a program where you find stuff on the clearance shelves of Wal-Mart, Target, etc that you buy and turn around and sell on Amazon for big bucks!  It’s easy and free to join and there’s a free app you can use to scan the items you are considering buying and it will tell you what the current going price is on Amazon so you can quickly and easily calculate how much money you’ll make. The best part is you ship everything to Amazon and they take care of selling, packing and shipping the items to the customers who buy them!

Want to know more? Listen to Pat Flynn’s amazing episode of Smart Passive Income right here where he dives in deep!

3. Take Online Surveys and get paid!

Take Surveys for Cash or GoldOpinions show you how you can sit in your PJs, drinking coffee, taking online surveys while earning big money. Don’t need their training systems? Then get started right now on SurveyJunkie or Vindale Research! Talk about quick and easy cash?  This one is a no brainer!


4. Promote items from ClickBank

Sell countless items to friends, family, through Facebook ads or your own website! If you don’t know ClickBank, it’s the top site for what’s called Affiliate Marketing. Essentially, it’s free to join and if a product or service you promote has a sale, you get a commission.  No sales? It costs you nothing, but some people make thousands of dollars doing this. Want to dive in deeper? Get your FREE copy of this 39 page report that has everything you need to know to get started!

5. Going on vacation? Rent out your home while you’re gone!

Renting your place while it’s empty anyway just makes sense. But if you live someplace like I do (the Austin, TX area), when big festivals roll into town like ACL or SXSW and all the hotels are booked up, go stay with friends or family and rent your house out for big bucks! FlipKey by TripAdvisor makes it quick and easy to list your house and earn extra money!

6. Know how to draw, paint or use Photoshop?

Design stuff for people around the world and get paid for it!  99 Designs and DesignCrowd are the premier crowd-sourcing websites for both graphic designers and people looking for graphic designs.  Simply get registered with them, look for people looking for designs, submit a design and get paid once it’s selected!


7. Become a Virtual Assistant to anyone around the globe!

Virtual Assistants, or VA’s as they are commonly called, are increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and small businesses who need help but can’t afford employees or don’t want the hassle managing people.  Work from home, set your own hours and do work you love and who knows? You might even end up ground level at the next Facebook! Upwork is a great way to get started and to earn extra money!

8. Take a dog for a walk!

Yes, you can get paid to walk people’s dogs. Rover is a nationwide network connecting dog walkers and dog owners. Simply sign up, tell Rover what days and times you are available and start earning cash today!

9. Get paid when you’ve overpaid on shopping!

Sound too good to be true? But yes, if you sign up with Paribus (at no cost!), they will review purchases from major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon and many others and if they see a price drop, they pay you the difference.  Earning money was NEVER this easy!

10. Get paid to do online work for others!

Fiverr is a site you’ve probably heard of. If you have a talent like writing music, transcribing, designing, programing, marketing or many others, you can look for others around the world wanting to hire someone to do that for them. Do the work and get paid! Think you don’t have any skills?  I’ll bet you can read and type! If so, check out how to earn thousands doing simple data entry work by going to HomeJobsDirectory.

11. Know a little math, English or science? Become a tutor

You can post an ad on Craigslist or your local HOA Facebook page or use a service like Wyzant which connects thousands of tutors with parents looking for tutors, including ONLINE tutoring. Simply create a free profile and start getting students today. Earn extra money while helping kids at the same time!

12. Like to take pictures? Sell them to Shutterstock!

Shutterstock is the premier stock photo company (ie: the only one Facebook is directly affiliated with for their ads) and you can sign up, upload your photos and get paid every time someone downloads one. And hey! Maybe the next Facebook ad you see will have your image in it!

13. Get Paid to help other’s manage their social media!

As crazy as it sounds, you can get paid to help entrepreneurs and small businesses post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Simply login to this account, scan for available work & see what the job pays and apply for that job.  Quickly and easily start raking in cash.  As an example, one retailer is willing to pay $95/week for daily Facebook posts to their business fan page. Talk about an easy way to earn extra money!
Learn more at PaidSocialMediaJobs!

14. Teach English (or your native language) online!

Italki.com is a virtual online classroom where teachers and students come together and get connected.  You don’t have to be a professional teacher, just take the skills you already have and help others learn the basics. Is there anything better than getting paid while helping others at a potential range of up to $20/hr.?

15. Have a car you don’t use all the time?  Rent it out or drive others for cash!

You’ve all heard of Uber and Lyft which allow you to sign up to essentially be taxi drivers.  You set your own hours & schedule and drive when and where you want to earning fares and tips as you go.  However, Turo.com is a company that allows you to safely and securely rent out your car locally for short or long periods of time.  If you’re paying car payments, inspections, registration and insurance, make that thing work for you!

16. Have some DIY skills or a trade? Sell your services with Zaarly!

Zaarly is a site similar to Angie’s List where local business and service providers offer their services to customers looking for that service. Zaarly does not allow these people to advertise, so unlike Yelp or the BBB, these service providers are earning their reputations purely based on legitimate customer feedback. They’ve been featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal. Sign up today and start getting jobs, paying Zaarly just 10% for sending the customer to you.

17. Get paid to perform small tasks for your neighbors!

TaskRabbit is a site that connects people who need errands run or small tasks performed with people who want to do them. Simple right? Their app will notify you of tasks needing to be done in your area and you simply accept and get paid! Recommended by Inc and Fortune and it appears they just got bought by Ikea!

18. Get paid to shop!

EasyShift is a free app that pays you to scan items while you’re doing your shopping. No purchase necessary, just scan the bar code of the items and keep moving! They pay between $3 and $8 per shopping trip, so you’re not traveling to Costa Rica on that, but hey! You’ve gotta go shopping anyway right? May as well earn extra money!

Wondering how much some of these jobs really pay in the real world? Check out this handy infographic from a recent study by Earnest.com


19. Get paid to share your thoughts!

Believe it or not, large companies pay big bucks for “market research” and one of the key ways they do that is to gather small groups of typical shoppers and have them participate in what are called focus groups.  Essentially you’ll participate in a meeting with a representative from the company who will ask questions and solicit thoughts, feedback and opinions. Check out www.focusgroup.com to earn extra money today!

20. Get paid for your daily commute!

If you’re going from point A to point B every day, why not drop stuff off along the way and get paid for it?  Roadie.com is a service that connects you, the commuter, with people in your area who need stuff picked up near where your starting point is and taking it to somewhere near your destination. Up to $50 per local trip depending on distance and if you’re willing to drive further (or do already), you can make hundreds driving a route you were already doing anyway!

21. Sell Books, CDs and DVDs for quick cash

For most of us over 40 our house is likely filled with old CDs, DVDs and books we aren’t using anymore.  Half Price Books will pay you cash while you wait at anywhere from .25¢ or more on the dollar.  Don’t have one near you? Craigslist, Amazon or Ebay can be good options too. But for books specifically, especially textbooks, check out www.bookscouter.com. They will search the web for people looking to buy the titles you want to sell.  Earn extra money or have stuff taking up space on your shelves? Easy decision in my book!

Want an easy and cheap way to cut your bills?

I just signed up with BillXpertz. They negotiate with the bill companies of your choice. If they can lower your payments, they take a small percentage of the savings. If they can’t reduce your bills, it costs you nothing.

In my case they cut my monthly phone bill by $30 bucks a month and all that cost me was a one-time payment of $13 bucks!’

Talk about easy money! Check out BillXperts and see if they can’t save you money too. Some folks have saved thousands!

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