Signs That Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Extra Care

We all need to look after our loved ones, especially during times like these. And so it’s important that we maintain and monitor the health and wellbeing of our elderly family members and friends. Here are some signs that your elderly loved ones need extra care. It’s better to spot it now than to let it go unnoticed and affect them further.

The Mail Isn’t Being Handled Properly

The mail that everyone gets varies depending on how digitally-driven a household is.

Commonly, the older generation is probably the minority of people who don’t do their banking or pay bills over the internet. They usually do it all the good old fashioned way of receiving mail and either sending the payment back or through other methods that don’t require the internet.

With that in mind, it’s good to pay attention to the mail, making sure anything they receive doesn’t have a late notice or red ink sprawled across the top of it.

If this is the case or there’s a big pile of mail just not being picked up, that might be a red flag that they are forgetting to handle this or find it too much of a burden to deal with and may need some additional help.

It could be something you can help with, but it’s not your responsibility if you don’t have the time.

Broken Things In The Property

Broken things within the home is a sign that they haven’t been able to fix something that could easily be fixed or replaced.

Or it might be that they haven’t even noticed it’s broken in the first place. And when it comes to the essentials, it might be an appliance that they will need to rely on. If they’re a significant amount of broken things within the property, then be sure to check with them if they’re aware that they’re faulty.

Faulty appliances can also be a danger to them in some cases, and so you want to take this seriously if they’re completely unaware of it being damaged.

A Distinct Lack Of Hygiene

When there’s a distinct lack of hygiene, that’s when a memory care facility might be in order.

Being unable to look after the most basic hygiene for the body can be deadly, especially when it comes to things like infections and illnesses. It’s important to address this if it becomes an issue as there can be the odd forgetfulness to take a shower or wash themselves. If it becomes a habit, then they might need some assistance.

Forgetful To Eat Or Use The Bathroom

Being forgetful is something we all do, but the difference between forgetting to take your phone with you to work versus forgetting to eat is important to spot. The same goes for using the bathroom and other basic things that we all do in order to live and thrive.

These signs are something to take note of and to make sure they’re not being ignored under any circumstance. It’s important for the health of your loved one.

Jeff Campbell

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