Emergency Money Now: 11 Options for People Who Need Cash Immediately

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Are you tired of not saving and living paycheck to paycheck saving every penny? Wish you could be free from that and have extra money for emergencies? Or currently in a situation where you need emergency money now?

You’re not alone. According to Nitro College, 80.9% of baby boomers, 79.9% of Gen Xers, and 81.5% of millennials are currently in debt. If you’re looking to escape that, or just looking for some fast cash now read on to discover how to make some emergency money now.

1. Sell Items Around the Home

When you’re looking to get money fast, it’s important to look at what you currently have and don’t need around the house. You can do a yard sale or sell items on Craigslist, a for sale group on Facebook, or eBay.

2. Bad Credit Loan

Do you have bad credit and need money but are afraid you won’t qualify for a loan? Think again! They’re loans out there specifically made for those with bad credit you could qualify for!

Shop around and compare the rates on each loan to find your best option. Check out these emergency loans for bad credit.

3. Selling or Donating Plasma

If you need emergency cash immediately, another option is to sell or donate your plasma. You must be at least 18 to donate plasma, weigh 110 pounds, and pass medical and a screening procedure.

4. Rent out Your Home on Airbnb

If you’re looking for quick cash, consider renting out your home or a room in your home for travelers. You’ll just need to create a profile on the Airbnb website and make sure you have necessities ready for your guests such as towels, WIFI, etc.

5. Take on Odd Jobs

Have you ever considered apps like Lyft, Uber, or Wag? These are quick ways to get some emergency cash now. Just download the app, fill out your information and requirements, before you know it you’ll be earning extra cash!

They’re plenty of apps out there to choose from so if those 3 aren’t for you, they’re plenty to choose from. Try out one or many, the opportunity for making extra money fast is out there!

6. Use a Credit Card Advance

If your credit cards aren’t maxed out and you didn’t reach your limit, then a credit card advance could be for you. It’s important to know though that credit card companies charge high-interest rates on cash advances.

You’ll not want to miss a payment or you could face penalty interest rates or your credit card company may close your card, so be careful with this route. If you’re sure you can repay the loan before the due date, this is a great option.

7. Freelance Online or in Person

If you know a subject or another language, you can tutor others and make some extra cash doing so! Check out sites like Tutor.com or Skooli.com for tutoring options online. You can also check locally online or in the newspaper for local tutoring positions.

If you have a 4-year degree in anything, and some teaching experience, consider teaching English online. Options include Vipkids, Qkids, EnglishHunt, and many others!

8. Check Local Ads

Check local wanted ads and job listings such as Craigslist and Simplyhired. You can find ongoing work or one-time quick cash gigs such as raking leaves, or shoveling snow.

If you have a certain skill you can offer others, you can place that on Fiverr for free and find job offers online.

9. Peer to Peer Loan

Another option for a way to get money fast is a peer to peer loan with investors. If you decide to go this route, you go to a peer to peer lending website, apply for a loan, and investors decide to put money into the loan.

If you needed $1,000 you would put in your request, and that amount could come from multiple investors instead of just one. You then pay off the loan and they get their money back plus interest.

10. Consider Debt Consolidation Loan

If you have existing debt that you’re afraid you won’t be able to pay then consider a debt consolidation loan for bad credit. You provide a list of your debtors and the amount. Then a loan processor provides funding so you can have those debts paid off.

Then instead of having loans to pay, you have one large loan with your debt all in one place. This could also help raise your credit score as well as ease your debt burden.

11. Payday Loans

If you need emergency money immediately then consider a Payday loan. They’re short term loans and revolve around your paycheck cycle instead of any specific time period.

Something to keep in mind with Payday loans is the further out the pay date, the higher the interest you’ll pay.

Emergency Money Now

After learning how to make some emergency money now you should feel ready to overcome this obstacle. Those fears of living paycheck to paycheck, and being afraid of not getting a loan because of bad credit days can be gone!

Remember to look at your different options, and you can do as many as you’d like. Be careful if you decide to go with a loan or cash credit advance. It’s best to write down your skills, and decide what you can use to tutor and make some extra cash.

Would you like to learn more about getting out of debt and investing your money? Check out our blog today!

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