How Do You Handle Emergency Roof Repairs?

The roof over your head is an integral part of your home. It plays an important role by protecting your loved ones and precious belongings from the adverse effects of the elements. What happens if a tree limb falls on the roof in the middle of the night?

This constitutes a roofing emergency that you should handle without delay. But many homeowners are not ready for such emergencies because they take the roof over their heads for granted.

Don’t let this be your case and be prepared. It’s best to have a reliable company in mind, such as Atlanta roofers, who can handle any type of roofing emergency.

Here is what you should do to handle a roofing emergency.

There are different types of roof damages.

Here are some of the most common damages that constitute a roofing emergency:

  • Tree limbs can fall on the roof and damage parts of it
  • High winds and storms can tear shingles from the roof and expose the substrate
  • The substrate could be compromised by rain and expose the inside of your house to adverse elements
  • A lightning strike can easily blow a hole in your roof
  • Squirrels and raccoons can chew the wooden structure of the roof and create large holes

When you have a sudden roofing emergency, the first step is to remain calm and not panic.

Sudden roof damages can take any homeowner by surprise and make him or her panic. You have to stay calm and composed if you want to protect as many personal belongings as possible. When you panic, you won’t be able to think straight and won’t know what you should do.

If the roof is damaged due to a storm or tree limb, you should try to cover the holes with plastic tarps or any other waterproof materials. If the hole is much bigger, you may have to place buckets or containers to collect the water until the rain or storm subsides.

The best thing is to call an emergency roof repair company, in the area. Most of the emergency roofers work 24/7 and 365 days a year. But you should expect an immediate response from them if there is a heavy storm. It can be unsafe for the employees of the roofing company.

Make sure you don’t climb on the roof either.

Better call your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as you can.

Roof damage can cause a lot of money to repair. The insurance company will send an adjuster to review the damage and determine the extent of the damage. You can always get an estimate from a reliable roofer in the area and submit it to the insurance provider as proof of the damage. Southern roofing systems of Mobile roof repair have a great collaboration with insurance companies so if you ever find yourself in this daring situation go for a reliable roofing company and cover some of the expenses with insurance.

If you want to DIY it, be safe, and make sure and wear the right roofing shoes.

Never trust a fly-by-night company or a storm-chaser who prey on homeowners in the area after storms have hit the area. A reliable service provider won’t request large deposits and will offer reliable services at affordable prices. Get a personal reference from someone you trust when choosing the best roof repair company in the area to handle your emergency roof repairs.

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