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Enhancing Commercial Developments in Texas with Outdoor Amenities and Landscaping

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In the rapidly expanding city of Austin, the integration of outdoor space has become one of the leading trends to influence commercial and community property design. From thriving roof gardens on business premises to walking trails winding through private housing projects, green spaces improve city communities throughout Texas, and offer workers and residents a valuable connection to nature. As the demand for spending more time in nature is growing, the busy cities and suburbs of Texas provide a range of opportunities for spending time outside from visiting unmissable outdoor historic sites to enjoying green spaces in which to rest and relax.  Incorporating these spaces into the developed environment creates attractive surroundings with greater social capital and where more people want to live and work.

Greener Developments in the Suburbs of Dallas

The construction of a new community of 3,440 homes has recently begun in Mckinney, a suburb 30 miles north of Dallas. The development known as Painted Tree will sit on 1,100 acres of land that includes woodland, 500 acres of green open space and a large fish-stocked lake. In addition to 3,400 new homes, the development will also provide a range of outdoor amenities from grill stations to swimming pools, as well as 25 miles of paths and walking trails meandering around the site.  Over two third of construction experts believe that outdoor living areas have become more important since the pandemic, and, by incorporating green spaces and outdoor facilities into their designs, they provide places for residents to rest, relax and socialize. In addition, enhancing commercial developments with customized landscaping improves the curb appeal of individual properties and helps to create more attractive communities in which to live.

Houston’s Innovative Rooftop Garden

Houston is now home to the country’s largest rooftop garden covering over 5.5 acres which sits on top of a renovated former post office.  The unique outdoor setting in downtown Houston includes the Skylawn garden with extensive planting of trees and native plants together with the SkyFarm which will provide fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to be used in the restaurants situated within the building. The rooftop garden also offers extensive views across the Houston downtown skylineFrom the rooftop As well as creating an attractive outdoor space for socializing, there are many other benefits of rooftop gardens in Texas for both developers and the people who use the space.  As planted gardens retain rainwater, they can reduce the impact of storm water on city drainage systems. In addition, roof gardens can cool buildings decreasing the need for air conditioning and because the plants filter gasses and absorb pollutants they can also improve a city’s air quality.

In a state where the sun shines all year round, the demand for outdoor spaces in commercial and community developments is growing.  Developers in Texas are meeting this demand by creating attractive landscaped communities with integrated outdoor amenities, and incorporating innovative green spaces in busy urban environments.

Jeff Campbell