Honey, This Way Out! The Relationship Benefits of Escape Room For Couple

You’ve successfully asked your crush out on a date. Now comes the hard part. You’ve got to decide what you’re going to do.

You could take them to a movie or maybe to a nice restaurant. That wouldn’t be too memorable though. Not unless it’s a seriously good movie.

Maybe you should consider taking them to an escape room. Doing an escape room for couples is super memorable and it’s the perfect way for you to get to know your crush a little better.

To help you see if this is a good date idea for you, check out this complete list of benefits.

1. It’s Different

Movies and dinners are good date options but there are only so many that you can do before it gets old. Escape rooms are a nice breath of fresh air amongst the basic date ideas that everyone resorts to.

Escape rooms even offer photo ops once you’ve finished it. You’ll be able to have a nice memento for the night. It’s more interesting to post on Instagram then the food you got for dinner anyway.

2. Low-Cost Adrenaline Date

If your date is an adrenaline junkie then they would love to do an escape room. You only have so long to complete puzzles and get to the end.

This hour or so time limit provides the same sort of rush as sky diving or climbing for half the cost.

3. You’ll Learn More About Each Other

Doing an escape room is the perfect way for new couples to learn more about each other. You’ve got to talk and work together to solve the puzzles so you’ll get to see how well the two of you can communicate.

You also get a sense of how your date acts when they are under a heavy amount of pressure. If they send out red flags during an escape room this may speak badly for how they will handle real-life stress.

4. It Provides Healthy Competition

Just because you work together during an escape room, doesn’t mean that there isn’t some level of competition involved. You both have something to prove when you’re solving the puzzles.

You want to show each other that you’re smart. You’re trying to impress your date with how fast you can solve the puzzles and vice versa.

5. It’s the Perfect Group Date Idea

If you’ve got first-date jitters it may be a good idea for you suggest doing a group date with friends instead. Doing an escape room is a perfect group date idea.

Again, even though you’ll be working as a team there is a healthy amount of competition involved. You and the other couple or couples that you’re with can sort of race to try and solve the puzzles first.

All the Many Benefits of Booking an Escape Room for Couples

Are you looking for an exciting date night idea that your crush will remember for years to come? Book an escape room for couples.

It’s the perfect way to add some adventure to your evening and you’ll learn a lot more about your date. So, what you’re waiting for?

You hit it off with your date during your escape room experience but you’re not too sure where to go from there. Check out our blog daily to read even more great relationship advice.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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