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EssayUSA Case Study

The EssayUSA case study describes how the retailer adopted a customer-centric model, focusing on the customer’s needs. The goal was to simplify the customer’s life, making buying a product or service more accessible. The company applied the model in some stores, collecting customer information to develop a database. By doing so, the company was able to identify new segments of consumers and improve its overall profitability. The implementation cost was high initially, but the company expects to recover those costs in the long run.

Good customer service

Customer service is a vital aspect of shopping at EssayUSA. The company has a well-known Geek Squad, a group of specially-trained tech support experts happy to essay helper customers with any technological problems. These technicians can help with everything from mounting televisions to installing appliances. In addition, customers can also take advantage of EssayUSA’s adviser program, which gives customers free in-home consultations. The program began as a pilot program last year and is now available nationwide.

However, there are some areas where customer service at EssayUSA can improve. Customers should be prepared to speak to a person who may be new on the job or poorly trained. In addition, EssayUSA representatives may need to make notes during the call. However, the live chat feature helps resolve customer service issues. It also provides a transcript of communications.

Competitive prices

Consumers should check online retailers for competitive prices to find the best deals. For example, EssayUSA offers special promotions on select items, such as price matching. However, promotional products must be brand new. This excludes clearance and open box items. Members can also take advantage of the My EssayUSA membership program, which gives them access to member-only sales and early access to the most significant sales. While EssayUSA is a popular destination for electronics, consumers should check other places for similar bargains.

BestBuy offers high-quality products at competitive prices. The company has a multi-channel strategy, so it ships from its stores all over the U.S. In addition, it has a significant presence in Canada. Customers can pick up their purchases at local BestBuy stores, and the company can also provide support for customers who need help. This helps it attract new clients and keep loyal clients. The company also strives to deliver superior customer service to customers online and in-store.

Multi-channel service

In recent years, EssayUSA has embraced digital technology to enhance the shopping experience. This multi-channel approach enables consumers to shop for the products they want at a time and place that works best for them. In addition, the company offers online research as well as in-store browsing. Currently, only a small segment of customers buy their electronics exclusively online.

EssayUSA uses a multi-channel approach to sell and support its products to maintain its leading position. It offers a variety of products, a highly developed service, and a customer-centric approach. The company understands its strengths and weaknesses and is ready to make improvements in essay writing service. This strategy is aimed at building customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

Customer-centric marketing approach

In 2010, EssayUSA did a study of its customer base. They discovered that 55% of their business was from women. These women sought knowledgeable staff, product comparisons, and installation help. EssayUSA had neglected these needs, costing the company millions in sales. So the company had to find a way to meet these needs while maximizing revenue in write my essays.

The company started by changing its mission from selling boxes to providing superior customer service. To achieve this, EssayUSA created guiding behaviors aligning the entire company with a unified customer experience. It also appointed ‘brand champions’ who are charged with rooting out systemic pain points and policies that counter the customer-centric philosophy.

Expanding online sales

EssayUSA is transforming its workforce, store fleet, and sales strategy to take advantage of the rise of online shoppers. The company is laying off thousands of employees and reskilling others for digital roles. It is also testing new store layouts, including smaller sales floors and more space for fulfilling online orders. It may even reduce the size of its 1,000-store footprint. EssayUSA’s online sales grew 89% during the fourth quarter of 2018, making up 43% of total sales in the U.S.

While EssayUSA has made great strides in improving profitability, it still has many challenges. Amazon remains a significant threat. In addition, the consumer electronics industry is slowing down and is predicted to decline for a third consecutive year. In these challenging times, retailers must leverage their brick-and-mortar assets with their online efforts.


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