Everything You Didn’t Know About Vacations in Dubai

The UAE is a wonderful country where glass and metal skyscrapers rise above a never-ending desert, where traditional practices coexist with cutting-edge technology. You are in the right place if you enjoy high-quality hotel service, all-day shopping, swimming in perpetually warm water, and having a particular taste in entertainment.

We will cover all the information you require about vacations in Dubai in this article.

Rent a Car

Renting a car in Dubai is a must if you want to save your time and money on getting to your destination. Dubai is a city of expensive cars, deserts and tall buildings. Feel like one of the rich sheikhs you can rent a luxury car. Check Ferrari Dubai price – it’s more than reasonable. And if you want to ride through the desert, then you can also rent an SUV, for a ride with the breeze, a Lamborghini is perfect, and if you have a meeting business, then a rented Rolls Royce is perfect for it. It takes very little to rent a car in Dubai: international driver’s license, age 25+ with driving experience of 1 year, as well as a credit card with your name to pay for a rented car.

Be careful with fines, if you have a speed violation, fines in Dubai are very large.

Tourist safety in the UAE

In the emirates, crime is practically absent, but there are rules and prohibitions that apply to the tourists themselves. The country is Arabic and this obliges guests to behave in it in a certain way.

As in any other country, you should follow the rules so that the rest goes without unpleasant circumstances and is remembered for a long time.

When it’s Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates, we advise you to refrain from some outdoor activities while it’s light: eating, drinking and smoking.

Drinking alcohol is allowed only in specially designated places or in a hotel; in one of the emirates, alcohol is prohibited at all. If you are drunk on your face, you may be fined. Giving bribes is not recommended, it can lead to a number of problems.

Personal space is highly valued. Women are not allowed to be photographed, and men can only be photographed if he gives permission.

Always carry identification documents with you. In Dubai, the practice of checking documents right on the street is common. As elsewhere, you should not get into a police car on demand, it is better to do this when a specific charge is presented.

It is also expected to be imprisoned for obscene language.

If you get into a taxi, where there is no counter, then immediately negotiate with the taxi driver about payment so as not to get a tidy sum at the end of the trip.

Cleanliness is also valued in the United Arab Emirates. If you throw garbage directly on the road, then get ready for a fine of 125 euros.

Communication and Wi-Fi

We advise you to buy a SIM card right at the airport, as you will not be able to buy it at the first stall you come across. If you didn’t have time to do this at the airport, then prepare your passport and go to the salon, where buying a SIM card will cost even more.

In the emirates, censorship is widespread. So some sites may be blocked.

Also check the availability of Wi-Fi in the hotel, as in some cases a large fee is taken for it. But there is a way out, free Wi-Fi is common in Dubai in shopping centers or cafes.

Medicine in the UAE

It is because of the high prices for medical services that the Emirates require tourists to purchase insurance policies. The greater the coverage of the policy and the sum insured, the better. According to current requirements, insurance should cover not only the treatment of COVID-19, but also stay in isolation.

Attractions Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa;
  • Burj Al Arab;
  • Aquarium at Dubai Mall;
  • Archipelago The World;
  • “Palm Islands”;
  • ski resort – Ski Dubai;
  • Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Park.

Today, the United Arab Emirates is a friendly region with all the essential facilities for tourism, possibly more so than any other country in the Middle East. The best circumstances will be provided, and everything will be set up so that you have a relaxing stay.

Jeff Campbell