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Everything You Need to Know About a Customer Interaction Platform

What inspires brand aficionados among both potential and current customers? Sure, it’s crucial that your goods and services are of high quality and that they adequately satisfy customers’ wants, but these aspects alone are insufficient.

Even if they are excellent and you have high customer satisfaction ratings, it is not always enough to keep customers returning.

You must provide excellent customer service.

Customer interaction management (CIM) is crucial in delivering that wonderful experience. Let’s discuss what it exactly means!

What is Customer Interaction?

Any chat or communication you have with a customer constitutes a customer interaction. There are many other interactions, such as when clients contact your company with inquiries, grievances, compliments, suggestions, etc.

You can also be proactive in your relationships with customers. It need not always be the client who initiates contact! An example of a customer interaction platform might be sending a consumer an email asking them to complete a survey.

Why is CIM so Important For Businesses?

  1. It Improves the Customer Experience.

A fantastic strategy to raise your customer satisfaction ratings is to be adept at managing client interactions and swiftly resolving their issues.

The fact is clients don’t always contact businesses through a single channel. All the good work could go in vain if a customer has a positive phone encounter with your business but never receives a response via live chat or email.

Always take into account the entire client journey.

  1. It Builds Stronger Customer Relationships.

Customers with a better overall experience tend to stay longer and spend more money with your company. Additionally, you do not necessarily need a great referral or loyalty program.

What steps can you take to improve your interactions with your clients? How can you optimize the efficiency of that customer encounter cycle?

Yes, there will be much work involved in these improvements for various channels. But what are content clients—those who continue to spend money with you—worth?

They are priceless for many firms.

  1. It Reduces Churn

Similarly, you can lower churn by keeping more clients for longer.

Subscription-based businesses are difficult. Customers leave for various reasons, and sometimes, merely one poor service interaction can destroy your hard work. Mistakes can sometimes arise and be unavoidable. However, you can reduce the likelihood of those occurrences.

  1. Proactive Optimization

With a customer service overview now available to you via a customer interaction platform, you can quickly spot areas for improvement like how your customer service staff handles requests, pages with errors or content that is confusing for visitors, online services that are too complex or unclear for users, or even ineffective design layouts.

Some platforms allow for co-browsing, which enables you to see your visitor’s screens while they surf your website, the buttons or links they select, and the pages from which they are exiting.

  1. Get More Out Of Your Support Staff

Consider that a team of five people handles your customer service. Longer wait times happen when the volume of requests for assistance exceeds your capacity since each staff member must finish working with one customer before moving on to the next. With the aid of customer contact platforms, more requests can be handled concurrently by one employee.

Each support staff member only needs to enter into their console to access a web interface that will allow them to help several customers simultaneously. As a result, fewer wait periods and more requests are fulfilled.


Avoid letting one unpleasant experience be a setback, whether you run a small business that is expanding quickly or a large corporation working to improve retention. Instead, use every interaction as a chance to improve your coaching of your agents.



Jeff Campbell