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Exciting Board Games To Play With Friends From Afar

Covid has caused millions of deaths worldwide. But it also snatched away from our recreation majorly. We can now not think of a time when we can get together with our close ones like before shortly. So we have to continue social distance religiously. But the mournful aspect of social distancing is that we can no longer enjoy spending time with our family or friends until covid goes away. So, to keep the intimacy between family and friends integrated, we need to spend time together doing some fun activities, like playing games. Now outdoor gaming is not a question here for obvious reasons. But you will be glad to know that the age-old goodness of board games is now available online. We gladly present some of the exciting board games to play with your close ones when you are far away from them.

  1. Dune

Application for betting in Nigeria presents to you a delightful board game, Dune. Dune was a famous science fiction novel that dates back to 1965 – the board game of the same name is based on this novel. Dune was among the best picks of the Smithsonian Magazine. Now, to play this game virtually, you simply need to download Tabletop Simulator. This application allows you to create any 3D models of board games according to your choice. Tabletop Simulator also offers you a varied number of betting games and the application for betting in Nigeria.

  1. Ticket to Ride 

Ticket to Ride takes you on a magical journey of trekking around the world. Players are blown away by the exciting cross-country train journeys this game offers. It is available on several platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Web Browser, App Store, and Steam. So, if you are someone who loves adventurous train journeys and want to share this experience with others, you should give Ticket to Ride a try.

  1. Settlers of Catan/Catan Universe

Catan Universe is the name of the digital appearance of the game Settlers of Catan, which also possesses all the charms of the physical game. In this game, players need to race to settle an island. You will only get limited sources. Catan Universe offers several outstanding features like artificial Intelligence opponents, Avatar customization, chat room, and so much more.

  1. Monopoly

A list of best board games without including our favorite Monopoly is simply unthinkable. This classic real estate game is now available online. You can access this for free if you have a Pogo account. If you want to play it without annoying ads popping up, you can download it from Google Play and App Store. Monopoly online comes with a massive variety of features like 3D animation, online and offline modes, custom-made house rules, multiplayer and quick modes, and so on.

  1. Sagrada 

If you are into dice games, Sagrada will steal your heart. It is a pretty tricky online version of sudoku involving dice. In this game, you need to choose the perfect dice number for the window panes. And for more difficulty and excitement, this game comes with its rules too. So download Sagrada from Google Play, App Store, or Stream and enjoy a mind-blowing dice gaming session with your family virtually.

Wrapping Up – Don’t let covid bring harm to the intimacy you share with your family. So, check out this innovative list of online board games presented by application for betting in Nigeria to enjoy quality time with your near and dear ones.




Jeff Campbell