Essential Things To Consider Before Expanding Your Home

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Unless you’re already living in a mansion with more than enough room for everybody, home expansions are necessary, especially as your family continues to grow. Indeed, many home renovation projects require some levels of expansion work. A home extension is vital, especially in the following scenarios – your children are getting older and demanding privacy, your parents are thinking about moving in, and there’s that one friend who hangs around longer than expected. 

Oh! And don’t forget the frustration of queueing to use the bathroom in your home.

When done correctly, you will enjoy your new improvements for as long as you want. But, if done in the wrong way, you may have to live with the consequences or spend more money correcting your mistakes. So, are you thinking of making some needed expansions for the first time?

Congratulations! But before you get too excited, here are some things to first consider.

Why do you want to expand your home?

By asking yourself why you want to expand your home in the first place, you help yourself understand what you want to achieve.

That will help you decide which expansion option best suits your intentions. Are you looking to create extra space to host your pals, are you expecting your first child, or do you need an extra room for your demanding teenager?

Can you afford it? Are there cheaper alternatives? 

Take the time to list your priorities and find out which ones require immediate attention and which ones can wait. Your expansion project will cost you money, so you should make sure it offers useful advantages to you and your family. The last thing you want is to spend money creating a space you don’t use.

What are your options?

Unless you have a fat bank account, you should find ways to balance creativity and a limited budget.

If a tight budget is your main problem, then you need to plan as thoroughly as possible. You can seek a professional’s services to help you explore all your options, find out which ones are cheaper, and which options will best suit your intentions. A house extension may not always be your ideal option if you’re looking for more space.

Sometimes, you may need to move into a much larger or more spacious home. For example, if you live in northern Victoria, Australia, you can find several house and land packages Shepparton location that are worth looking into. Plus, you don’t need to be looking for a new home to benefit from such professional services, as they also cover new home designs for a growing family. You also can move into a larger home that suits your family, if you can afford it.

And speaking of cost, let’s move to our next consideration. 

What can you afford? 

How much you’ll end up spending depends on the kind of expansion.

Therefore, when planning your budget, keep all your alternatives and their various costs in mind. The logic here is pretty simple – the bigger the expansion project is, the more expensive it will be. For example, if you’re thinking about building an extra room from the ground floor, you might need to make a few additional purchases, like buying a new staircase.

There are also some extra service fees from electricians, plumbers, or even carpenters to factor in. Again, if you’re not sure what your options are, you can speak with an expert to get an idea of how much each project might cost before you start. 

What DIY projects can you do to save money?

If budget is your issue, you should be looking at every available opportunity to save cost, including taking on specific DIY projects.

Projects like repainting a wall or getting rid of a window should be relatively straightforward. Instead of adding them to professional builders’ responsibilities, try taking care of them yourself to save costs. However, there is a thin line between saving money and compromising on quality.

Therefore, be sure that you can take on those responsibilities without messing them up. That’ll only mean spending more money to have them redone by a professional. Speaking of professionals…

Which professional help do you opt for?

You also need to consider which professional help is ideal.

Do you need an architect, a contractor, or both? If you’re considering making certain delicate additions, you may need the help of an architect. Professional contractors will also handle a wide range of projects, depending on their level of expertise.

It would be best to consider how much each option would cost before deciding which one is best.

Future expansions

As your family continues to grow, you may find yourself needing to make further expansions to meet a new need. You don’t want to end up making so many renovations and expansion projects, as that may also come with some potential risks that may affect the quality or strength of your building.

Therefore, before undertaking any form of expansion, consider what possible renovations you may need to make in the future and factor them into your current project. 

Also, if you end up making too many expansion projects over time, it may affect your home’s design and appeal. 

Are there building regulations to worry about?

Depending on where you live, there may be certain building regulations, restrictions, or permits you need to consider first. Because such regulations and restrictions vary from location to location, it is essential to first reach out to your local authorities to get a clear understanding before you begin. Some of the regulations may cover your ‘buildable’ if you want to make external expansions. Other regulations also cover the issues of safety.

Also, in some areas, you may need a permit from local authorities before you make certain renovations. And you wouldn’t want to start your project only to be notified to stop midway.

Which is best, remodeling an existing space or adding a new one?

The cost of adding extra space to your home from the ground up will keep adding up the moment you begin.

So, it is best not to jumpstart without considering what the alternative is – if any. Start by taking an inventory of every room or space in your home to see if anything else needs updating to go along with your remodeling. For example, you may need to make certain adjustments to your attic to be able to renovate your kitchen. 

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