Earn More: How to Extend the Limited Functionality of Shopify

And the best applications will make the sales grow!

For experts the previous year seemed to be the most profitable period ever. According to official figures, Ukrainian online sellers increased their profit from selling in international markets by 35%.

There are plenty of instruments to dispose of the goods abroad: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, Shopify are the most popular marketplaces among exporters. The last one is not so much a sales platform as a website builder. The platform does not generate its traffic, but it helps entrepreneurs to create their online shop fast and sell goods on third-party marketplaces or Facebook with control of all the sales channels via Shopify personal account.

Shopify charges a fee of $ 29 to $ 299 per month for services depending on the range, for example, the ability for customers to receive a bonus in the form of a gift card. The standard functionality of the platform fits into all criteria to sell online. It can be increased with applications from Shopify App Store, which can be purchased for a month. Shopify made this to entrepreneurs can create their site using instruments that they entirely need.

СEO of a company who develops e-commerce sites Andrey Gadashevich and chief operating officer Dmitrii Boruk during the Ukrposhta E-Export webinar showed nine applications that can optimize work on Shopify and increase sales volume. Mind prepared a short review of the applications.

The easier user find a product, the faster he buys it

Ultimate Product Filter + Search application which costs $14,99 per month make site navigation easier. It creates categories and sorts them. With in-category filters, buyers can sort a product according to color, form, and even taste. The application helps with setting up SEO and provides you with user’s searches analytics

Then more user gets useful information about a product, the more he wants to buy it

With Accentuate Custom Fields you can add 25 different fields for more effective product presentations, for example, multilingual text lines, expanded photo editing functionality, cross-referencing similar offers, automatic product labeling, selection lists, and provide customers with the ability to customize and edit these fields: birthday, nickname, size, favorite color, and so on.

The cost of the service ranges from $ 14 to $ 20 depending on whether you use Shopify’s support team to set up.

The more verified buyers, the better entrepreneurs will know clients’ preferences

Verification on the online shop’s website is not compulsory, moreover, the typical verification process takes a long time. Most buyers usually skip this step. The Oxi Social Login allows users to log in via social media, what is much easier. Having verified customers, the entrepreneur realizes what his target audience is, monitors its preferences, and can do targeted mailing by e-mail. The more verified people, the easiest target them.

The more languages, the more available for client product is

With Langify application which cost $17,5 per month entrepreneur can create multiple language online-shop. This plays a crucial role when deciding whether to purchase a product on a website with information in your native language. Langify allows you to create a new domain for each language, change the product image, and also optimizes product search on Google.

The more reviews, the more customers

Not all buyers leave a review about the purchased product, especially since consumers trust text comments less and less. A Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos application allows you to leave photo and video reviews on the site, which are also highlighted in Google search results.

The more options for clients, the more chances you have

Wish List King application allows users to add items to the wish list. The application’s price is $ 4.95 per month. It is especially useful for those who are engaged in the sale of “non-spontaneous” goods. Of those products, the purchase of which requires a more balanced decision, for example, appliances, clothing, furniture.

The more combinations, the more margin

The average purchase order can be increased by using bundles when products are sold as a set. At the same time, the client can purchase goods separately, but in a bundle, they will cost less. The MBC Bundles – Bundle Products application, which costs from $ 17, helps to create such kits. Moreover, you need to pay only when the bundle is sold. In addition, it helps to track goods and to write them off from the warehouse. The tool is best suited for entrepreneurs who sell low-cost products, but the volume of sales is high.

The faster customer gets a product, the sooner he will make the next purchase

The Advanced Shipping Rules application will save entrepreneurs from headaches and answer the question «how to deliver an order in the shortest possible time with minimal costs». The seller can set unique rates for each group of goods, add insurance and show the cost of delivery for different types: by item, by weight, or % of the total receipt. The application costs $ 9 per month, and it also simplifies communication with logistics companies that will be responsible for different types of deliveries.

The better the email, the more revenue the seller will receive.

The Klaviyo: Email Marketing application helps automate the targeted email marketing process. It targets special offers to users with different characteristics and provides analytics on the store’s customer base. The cost depends on the number of letters – 500 e-mails will cost $ 20.

Shopify allows you to quickly launch a store – it will take no more than 15 minutes to create the backbone. The first 14 days of using the platform are free, just enough to test whether your product will be popular on the international market. This allows you to create a website, launch ads, and get your first sales. Only after such testing can you use apps to optimize your work on Shopify.

Jeff Campbell