Day Trip Ideas That Make Families Work Together

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You share a lot of your time with your family. But, most of that time is just the usual ‘living life’ moments. Families need to get outside of the household environment every now and again, to see how well they can work in time.

Not only that but doing some fun tasks together will remind you why you want to have a long life together. A day trip that hopes to achieve this, cannot and should not be just a run of the mill touristy sightseeing day. It should include some things that are challenging and force everyone to work as a team.

Before you start to think, that doesn’t sound like fun, take a look at these suggestions.

Working as a team

What would force everybody to work together no matter how tough it got? War or rather simulated war in the form of family paintball is an excellent way to bond.

This is especially good if you have teenagers who are at that stage whereby they’re playing online video games and would like to try out such games in real life.

This is a safe way you can put them to the test as paintballing is harmless. Each paintball center has all the protective gear you’ll need. Split your family into two teams and battle against each other. The different challenges will be things like capture the flag, complete the objective and king of the hill.

You’ll have to communicate with each other under pressure and be selfless in the pursuit of a shared goal.

Cooperation and time 

All fathers and mothers have wondered what their family’s reaction would be during a moment of crisis.

We don’t really know how well we’ll work together unless we have tried something like breaking out of an escape room. These family-friendly escape room themes are designed to amp up the pressure slowly but surely.

In the meantime, you have to escape from the Titanic, get away from Dracula or try and find the hidden letters to Grandma’s secret inheritance.

Most of these rooms have a maximum of 6 players, so even if you have a reasonably large family, everyone can join in. In the escape room, you will need to put your heads together and figure out riddles and puzzles.

Time is of the essence so there’s no room for arguments.

Out in the wild

You’ve heard of the family campaign cliche. Don’t force your family into a cold wet forest with nothing more to do than to hike and fish.

There’s more to the wild than that. Take your family to a survival skills course. You’ll learn how to work together to make fire from just what you see in nature.

Other techniques you’ll learn, include foraging for safe berries, tracking animals from just their prints and learning how to make a shelter from fallen wood. 

Day trips don’t have to be boring. Go out with the mindset of working together, being reliable in moments of intensity and putting your minds together to beat a puzzle against the clock.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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