Family Movie Night Ideas: Here Are 10 Great Movies for All Ages

Each year, there are more and movies released. In 2016, there were 736 films that were released in American movie theaters.

There are so many movies to choose from when it comes to family movie night, but it can be hard to pick one that you and the kids will enjoy.

Want to have some great family fun? Break out the classics for more family movie night ideas and have some great snacks on hand too!

1. Star Wars

You may not think that Star Wars would be popular anymore, but this classic outer-space tale is popular again thanks to the new trilogy and other spin-off shows.

This universe created by George Lucas has a cult following, and there are even books and merchandise dedicated to the show. You can even now watch them all on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Your children will love all the action and lightsaber fights. They may fall in love with R2-D2 or Luke Skywalker.

This PG-rated movie is perfect for kids of all ages and will definitely be a bonding experience as you relive some of your favorite childhood shows.

2. E.T.

This Steven Spielberg movie is a great sci-fi movie that will also have some of the alien aspects that Star Wars offers.

In this movie, E.T., the stranded alien, needs to find a way to get back home. He makes friends with the kids in the movie (Drew Barrymore plays one of them), and the two different species bond.

The movie does have some sad moments, but it’s still worth watching.

3. The Wizard of Oz

This story of a girl on a farm who gets stuck in a tornado wouldn’t end up how you thought it would.

She gets transported to this fantasy world with her little dog, Toto, and this 70s movie is a classic adventure and fantasy story all combined in one.

Follow the yellow brick road and watch this famous movie.

4. Jurassic Park

If your kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, you have to show them Jurassic Park.

This is the first movie in a series about how humans found a way to bring dinosaurs back to life thanks to DNA they extracted.

Even though this is an older movie, the special effects still hold up, and there are some great shots in this show. There is suspense, action, and good stories in this movie.

There are some parts that could be scary, but overall it’s an amazing movie.

5. Inside Out

Inside Out is a good movie that will definitely get you in your emotions, but it’s also a good movie to help teach kids how to deal with their emotions.

This Pixar film will follow a young girl as she moves from her home and has to relocate to a new film.

All of her emotions are personified as little people inside of her to help you understand how emotions can work.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire stars Robin Williams, and it’s a classic that you have to see.

This comedy show will follow a couple who has to divorce, but they have three children as well. Instead of following custody rules, the husband dresses up as a nanny so that he can spend some time with his children.

He gets to have more time with his children, and then things start to go wrong after that.

If your kids are older, this will definitely be a funny movie for them; it’s rated PG-13.

7. Up

If you want something that will make you cry and then laugh and then cry again, definitely watch this Pixar film as well.

The beginning is sad, but it does have a happy ending if you can get through the first ten minutes.

You will be able to watch flying houses, talking dogs, and brand new species of birds that you’ve never seen before.

The two main characters are a cranky old man and an eager young boy scout.

8. The Sandlot

This movie is another classic that you have to make sure you watch at some point.

The main character moves to a new neighborhood and ends up making a few friends at his local baseball field. As all young boys do, they find themselves getting into some trouble.

The main plot of the movie happens when they have to come together to get a piece of good baseball memorabilia, so the show definitely revolves around baseball.

This is a good show to watch at an outdoor, summer movie party. If you want to plan one of these nights, check out these tips.

9. The Parent Trap

This show is a great movie that will bring two girls together that look alike. They discover that they’re twins when they are at summer camp together.

They start to get into trouble and devise a scheme to bring their parents back together.

They decide to switch places and the rest is history.

10. Remember the Titans

Lastly, Remember the Titans is a great sports movie. This is one that was inspired by a true story.

There are up and downs all throughout the movie, but it also gives you a chance to teach your kids some life lessons as well.

Plus, Ryan Gosling is in this movie, which is the perfect excuse to watch it.

Find More Family Movie Night Ideas

These family movie night ideas are only a few of the great options to watch for movie night.

Your kids are guaranteed to love any of these, and they will be begging you for another movie night.

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