Smart Travel Tips To Enjoy Your Family Road Trip


There are 100 million American adults who are planning to have a family vacation in 2019, according to the latest AAA Travel survey. More than half of these families or 53 percent of the respondents revealed that they are planning to go on a road trip.

But since most families are bringing their kids, parents need to carefully plan their itinerary. They must pick the right destinations that their kids will find interesting. If you are planning to take your entire family for a fun road trip adventure that everyone can actually enjoy, try following these useful tips. 

Learn To Travel Light With A Trailer 

The latest models of travel trailers have varying size and functions.

Yet some travel experts claim that these models have space and weight limits. This means that you cannot bring everything that you want during your long road trip. Because of these limitations, you need to know how to pack your trailer lightly for a smooth-sailing getaway.

Some of the important items that are essential for a family road trip include enough sets of clothes and travel-sized toiletries for everyone.

You must also bring a mini toolkit that you can use for minor road emergencies, as well as a medical emergency box that contains a first aid kit and all the important medicines for the family. You may also include some toys or entertainment gadgets so the kids will not get bored during the long trip.  

Select The Best Places That Everyone Will Enjoy

There are a lot of beautiful destinations in the US that every member of the family would love to see.

You can either bring your entire family on an exciting cross-country adventure, or take them in short getaways around the state. Some of the most favorite road trip destinations in the country include the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington for some interesting food finds.

You can also go to the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon for the picturesque views. Another option would be the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in South Carolina.

This is the best place to teach kids about the history of the country’s most amazing ships and aircraft carriers.

Since you will be traveling with the young ones, it is also a good idea to bring them to theme parks like Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.   

Choose To Drive At Night

This is a good idea, especially if you are traveling with younger kids aged two and below.

If you decide to travel during their bedtime, you do not have to exert more effort to keep them entertained since they will easily doze off to sleep. The adults will also have more time to have uninterrupted conversations while the kids are off to dreamland.  

You must also bring enough food for everyone during your road trips.

This will lessen the time that you need to spend on pit stops or restaurants so you can reach your destination faster. You must also remind yourself to remain calm in spite of several unfavorable circumstances that could arise during your trip. 

Bringing your entire family on a road trip can be a memorable activity for everyone. It can also be one of the best ways to deposit happy memories in the minds of your young kids. As long as you know how to make it fun and exciting for all the passengers of the car, your planned family getaway will be etched in your family’s memory for a very long time. 

Jeff Campbell

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