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Fashion Tips for Formal Wear as a Modern Man

Fashion is defined as a form of self-expression in a particular time period and place, in the context of outward aesthetics such as clothing, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle. It is a topic that has been the subject of discussions, debates, adaptations, and evolution over many centuries. There are many factors that affect this evolution, and the choices that someone makes in this regard can be a key aspect of an individual’s identity. The aim is not to be liked by the many, but to express the person’s taste.

While women’s fashion has been prominently highlighted by the media, menswear fashion is growing in popularity. In fact, menswear is a hot topic right now as a new generation of style icons are bringing a breath of fresh air to menswear. Furthermore, the trends developed by the change of lifestyle during and after the pandemic, with the introduction of hybrid working and “Zoom formal wear”, caused many to have another look at their wardrobes and rethink their fashion choices.

However, as you make your way back to the office, restart your social life and get back into the swing of “normal” life, have you found that it’s a challenge when it comes to finding the right clothes to wear? The formal wear required for important business meetings or special occasions might have got dusty in the wardrobe, or you may be worried that it’s gone out of style. Are your suits making you stress, or your bowties causing you to blunder? Are you unsure of your shoes, or concerned about your closet? In this article we will take a look at some tips for men’s formal wear to give you the confidence you need to walk into your next business meeting or wedding reception with your head held high!

The Rules of Formal Wear

First of all, what exactly counts as formal attire? It’s a mystifying subject when you try and work out what a dress code entails exactly. If you ever receive an invitation that specifies the need to wear formal attire, it’s safe to assume a few things from the off. It’s likely to be a black or white tie event and so as to fit in with the rest of the attendees, you will want to wear something fancy. A black-tie event indicated the need to wear a black tuxedo with a tuxedo shirt. For an extra flair of fancy, you can add a cummerbund and you’ll be epitome of formal wear for men. On the other hand, if it’s a white-tie event that you will attending, you need to throw a bow tie and jacket with tails into the ensemble.

Now the true definition of formal wear is dependent on the event that you are attending. Some business meetings may require formal attire, and, in this setting, it would be a bit dramatic if you were to wear a full tux. In this environment, formal wear would include a smart suit with a dress shirt and formal shoes.

As in all fields of fashion, the rules of formal wear are always changing. Besides the specified black/white tie events, there is some flexibility in interpretations when it comes to modern formal wear. How can you make sure you’re on trend and always dress appropriately for the occasion? Pay attention to a few helpful suggestions and you’ll always look spot on!

  • Think simple. Don’t go over the top with all the extra add-ons like tie pins, pocket squares and watches, braces and collar bars. Take things down a notch and keep it simple. It’ll save you a lot of time when you’re getting ready in the morning and you also look more natural and approachable, instead of austere and stern. If you’re attending a wedding, you can also take the simple approach by losing the pocket square and going for a cool knitted tie with a plain shirt.
  • Slim fit is on the way out. The past decade has been ruled by slim fit suits but it’s making a departure from the fashion scene right now. Slim fit suits tend to be too tight to move in. Look for an ensemble that complements your shape instead of restricting it.
  • You can be comfy and You don’t have to be in a heavy woollen suit to look smart. A less structured suit will make you more comfortable during those long business meetings while also looking professional. You can even try an overside outer jacket that will fit your suit under need and give you an extra layer of warmth and cosiness.
  • Go for earthy tones if you want to be colourful. While simple colours like grey and navy are the go-to options for suits, you can be a little more adventurous with a colourful suit. If you are little worried about being “out there”, go for a warm earthy tone which will complement your skin tone. You will make a statement without it being too garish!
  • You can wear trainers if you do it right. If you want to opt for comfy choice for your footwear, there is a right way to wear trainers with a suit. Tone the rest of the outfit down a little with a more casual cotton shirt, t-shirt, and trousers with a tailored hem.
  • Feel cosy with smart knitwear. Transform your formal attire by swapping your shirt to a fine knit jumper. This will help to flip the business look into a cool, modern contemporary vibe with the simple exchange of a restricting shirt to warm cosy layer. You’ll be glad of it when winter comes too!

Time to Update Your Wardrobe… Without Costing the Earth

After considering some of the trends and suggestions we have explained today, you might feel like it’s time to change up your look and update your wardrobe. With the growth of second hand, preloved clothing, you can take the green approach and save the planet, and your pocket.

Jeff Campbell