Bonding Time: 5 Father & Son Projects Your Family Will Love

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In this age of digital technology, it might be hard for you as a father to pry your kids away from their computer screens and video games. However, there is a wealth of hands-on activities out there that will engage any child. From outdoor adventures to building a robot together, here are five stimulating and fun father and son projects that you can do any time of the year.

Why Focus On Father And Son Projects?

It’s true: Parents get so busy with keeping a roof over their kids’ heads, they barely have enough time to relax, let alone spend time with their kids.

That being said, recent global statistics reveal that today’s parents spend twice as much time with their kids as they did in the past.

The involvement of fathers has especially increased. Dads of the past only spent an average of 16 minutes with children per day. Now their quality time amounts to an hour.

Numerous studies show that a father’s involvement helps children with cognitive, behavioral, social, and educational development. Also, quality bonding time can strengthen your relationship with your kids as they become adults.

Young men need their father figures to be present, and bonding can be beneficial to you both.

1. Building A Robot

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are key skills for kids to develop, and it’s never too early for you to start with your son. Spend some time together building a robot with Lego’s, or even ones with materials from around the house.

As your kids progress in age, you can move on to more complex robots, and you can even compete in robotics competitions together! These projects will help instill values of teamwork, patience, and creativity. No boy can resist a robot to show off to his friends!

2. Getting Outdoors

There’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air. What better way to spend time with your son than to go on an outdoor adventure together?

It can be as simple as taking a short hike at a local trail, or as involved as camping for an entire weekend.

Allow your son to be a part of the planning process, from choosing the campsite to shopping for supplies. There are many outdoor stores nowadays that will rent camping gear for a small cost, so you don’t even have to worry about buying expensive equipment!

Stuck in a concrete jungle? No fear. Take your son on a wild urban scavenger hunt where he can learn about the city he lives in while getting outside.

Not interested in planning and organizing your own scavenger hunt? No worries. You can buy ones that are already preplanned, so that you and your son can enjoy the treasure hunt together.

Just bring your enthusiasm and perhaps a stash of favorite snacks. Use your imagination to plan an afternoon he will never forget.

3. Donate Your Time

Sons learn best from their fathers, so why not teach yours the important values of generosity and community by donating your time to a good cause?

Volunteer to clean up local parks and streets, help prepare meals for people who are homeless, take care of animals at animal shelters, and raise money for a charity. Consider, for example, raising money for your local parish, fun church fundraising ideas like a cookie dough fundraiser or even a rummage sale hosted at the parking lot of your church are tried and proven ways you can raise money for your cause.

The possibilities are endless!

4. Teach Him How To Drive A Car

Most dads can fondly remember teaching their sons how to ride a bike for the first time. So why not consider extending that teaching time to his first car?

When he is ready, ditch the expensive driver’s education courses and take the time to teach him how to drive on your own. Plus, where is he going to learn the cool hacks and tricks of the road except from his own dad?

Maximize this bonding time by taking him car shopping for his first vehicle! He can learn important life lessons such as appraising a vehicle for soundness, finding the best bargains, and budgeting for car and insurance payments. Imagine how special this milestone can be for both of you! You can guide your son another step closer to adulthood and independence.

If you are unable to teach your son to drive because you have lost your license then consider hiring a hardship license lawyer.

5. Fix Something Together

Since we live in a world with on-demand services only a click away, it may seem unnecessary to teach your son handy skills.

However, fixing something together is an easy yet engaging activity that will teach your son invaluable skills. When you fix an old engine or do a bit of home improvement together, your son can learn how to be resourceful and self-sufficient. Also, nothing makes a bond stronger than mutual problem-solving.

Fix stuff with your son regularly, and he will thank you when his car gets a flat tire and he can change it without having to spend any money. Also, you never know: Your early home improvement projects may inspire his future career as a carpenter or even an architect.

Have Fun With Your Son

Many of these father and son projects don’t require much time or effort, but they will mean the whole world to your son. They will leave lasting memories for him to cherish. Just think, a few hours of your time here and there will help your son grow up into a confident, strong, and well-rounded individual. And you will both have fun along the way!

For more tips on how to spend time with your son or how to cope with fatherhood in general, visit our blog daily. We know that every dad is just figuring out how to be a parent day by day. From managing finances to dealing with discipline, we’re here to be a resource and a support system for dads just like you.

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