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5 Steps To Get Closer To Financial Freedom This Year

Financial freedom sets you up for a secure, happy, and comfortable future. Every American aspires to achieve it, but most fail because of wrong money choices. But you must take financial freedom a tad more seriously in post-pandemic times. Stability and security should be your top priorities, and getting rid of money woes is the only way to achieve them. Thankfully, small moves and steps can help you inch closer to these goals and reach them eventually. Let us highlight the ones you should embrace this year.

Identify your goals

The first step is to understand where you are right now and identify what factors are saddling you down. Is it a timeshare investment or a long-pending debt? Are you struggling to cut down on everyday spending? What is keeping you from saving up for the future? Once you understand these gaps, identify realistic goals and timelines. At this stage, you can create a roadmap that takes you towards financial freedom.  

Track your spending

The best start you can get is by tracking your spending. Although it sounds simple, expense tracking requires considerable effort. Categorize spending into groups such as household expenses, subscription costs, travel and commute, entertainment, and more. Tracking helps you with budgeting, and you can have better control. It also enables you to distinguish between needs and wants.

Get rid of financial burdens

If you genuinely want to be financially sound, getting rid of frivolous burdens is essential. Consider giving up on gym subscriptions you never use. If you own a timeshare property in your portfolio, eliminate it right away. Although the idea of exotic vacations at a resort every year sounds good, the annual maintenance fees are a hefty burden. Luckily, exit companies like Resort Consulting Group can help you do it easily. Just verify the credentials and reviews of the company before going ahead.

Pay off your debts

When it comes to limiting your burdens, paying off your debts is equally vital. Prepare a list of debts, from mortgage to car loan, personal loans, and credit card bills. Work on a repayment plan that can eliminate them at the earliest. Paying off your debts helps you beyond giving financial freedom. It enables you to sideline interest payments and improves your credit score down the line.

Create additional income sources

You cannot overlook the significance of income when aspiring for financial freedom. Extra income sets you up for bigger savings, which make you more stable eventually. Earning additional money is easy these days as side hustle opportunities abound. You can pick a skill and use it to make good money during your free time. For example, you can work on a creative writing project on weekends for extra income. Look for a regular stream that boosts your revenues month after month.

These small efforts can make a big difference to your personal finances. You can start small and achieve financial freedom before you imagine. Just don’t wait for the right time because now is the best time to get started.


Jeff Campbell