Is It Possible To Have Financial Happiness? These Steps Could Help

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Your finances can often be one of those topics of conversations you avoid.

Not all of us are in financial positions that make us happy. Where money isn’t necessarily a worry and luxuries in life are affordable. The truth of the matter is that many of us are struggling financially daily, and whether it is worrying about paying the bills or making ends meet, it can be a big cause of stress for a lot of people.

However, often the big problem is the avoidance of the subject.

If it is a problem and a concern, then people find it easier to hide away from the facts and continue as they are, rather than addressing the imitation and finding a way to resolve it once and for all. If this sounds like you then now is the time to make some changes.

I wanted to share with you some of the steps that you can take to help you on your way to financial happiness.

Getting there is possible.

Reduce your outgoings as much as possible

First of all, you need to think about your outgoings and hope much you spend on a monthly basis.

Take your last three months bank statements analyse them closely. This will help you gain a better understanding of what bills you pay for each month, and also how much you spend on others things like food and days out.

Knowing this figures means you can take actionable steps to reduce the outgoings. Meal planning and switching supermarkets can be two things you do reduce your food bill. Switching providers for things like energy and insurance policies can also enable you to get a better deal.

There are things you can do, and you will be able to ensure that you pay as little as possible.

Make debt a priority

A big outlay a lot of people have today is debt, and while it is a fact of life that at some point you will have some debt such as a mortgage, personal debt like credit cards and loans can seriously mount up.

However, you don’t need to let this rule your life, and as long as you make it a priority, you can start to make payments and have it paid off for good.

To start with, seeking out debt help would be a great step to take. Knowing what options you have can help you make the right choices moving forward. Paying debts off that cost you the most could also be a strategy to consider or consolidating into one loan to gain a lower interest cost and payment plan may also be a great option to consider.

Seek out ways to get a pay rise

One bit option to consider would be a pay rise. Increasing your income means that you have more left over after the bills are paid to do what you want with it.

However, gaining that pay rise may seem like a challenge. A good option would be to consider speaking to your managers. Perhaps showing initiative in the workplace or taking on extra responsibilities to show willing.

Thankfully, there are articles full of tips and advice to help you do this.

Look at options to boost your disposable income

Maybe you could use your spare time more wisely and boost your income that way.

Selling unwanted things online on websites like eBay. Filling out online surveys or performing mystery shops. Maybe even things like website testing could be an option for you. There are some great ways to boost your income in your spare time, and often your phone is the key to the whole process.

Google it today and see what it comes up with.

Spend less gain more

Spending less is always going to be a winning combination, but if you need things how can you spend less on those essential items?

Using vouchers and discount codes is one way to do it. There is a tonne of websites full of coupons you can print out or codes you can use at the checkout online. You may also want to target sales, including the upcoming Black Friday event.

Using these dales and buying things at discount prices means you get to pocket the savings.

Every little bit helps

Finally, often every little way you can save is going to help you on your quest for financial happiness. It could start with a jar that you fill with loose change every time you have it. Once it is full, count it up and bank it. The small amounts will really add up over time, and it is an unintentional way of saving.

I hope that these steps help you on your way to financial freedom.


Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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