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STEM Troubles: How to Find a Math Tutor for Kids in 7 Easy Steps

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Approximately 22 percent of adults in the U.S. are considered functionally “innumerate.” This means they have an inability to do basic math problems.

Is your child struggling with math right now? Do you have concerns about them growing up to be an innumerate adult? If this is the case, you ought to consider trying to find a math tutor for them.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a math tutor. You’ll also find some tips on how you can choose the right tutor for math to help your child succeed.

Benefits of Hiring a Math Tutor

There are lots of reasons to look into hiring a math tutor for your kid. The following are some of the greatest benefits to keep in mind if you’re on the fence about looking for outside help:

Increased Confidence

One of the most significant advantages that you’ll notice when your child starts working with a tutor is an increase in their confidence. Kids who get tutoring will have an easier time overcoming the math concepts with which they’re struggling and will feel less anxious when it comes to taking tests or sitting down to complete assignments. This increased confidence will likely carry over into other aspects of your child’s life, both academic and personal.

Individual Attention

Some children simply can’t get enough attention from their teachers in a traditional classroom setting. If your child’s teacher is stretched too thin and isn’t able to give them the individual attention they need to address certain challenges, hiring a tutor can help to bridge the gap and ensure your child doesn’t get left behind.

Improved Test Scores

When your child has a chance to receive individual attention and get help with their specific weaknesses, there’s a good chance their test scores will improve. The improvements won’t happen overnight. After a few months of regular tutoring, though, your child will start to see better grades on their tests (and a boost in their overall classroom grade as well).

Easier Transitions

Working with a tutor can make transitions easier for your child, too. This includes transitioning from one grade to the next, as well as transitioning to a new school.

When they have someone tutoring them, they’re less likely to forget important concepts. They’ll also have an easier time keeping up with their peers and will feel more prepared for new challenges that come their way.

How to Find a Math Tutor

As you can see, hiring a math tutor for kids has a lot of advantages. To experience all these benefits, though, you need to find local maths tutors that are a good fit for your kid. Here are some tips to help you do this:

1. Ask for Referrals

A good starting point when hiring a math tutor is to ask for referrals. Do you have friends or family members whose children have struggled with math and have benefited from tutoring?

If so, ask them which tutor they hired and see if they can connect you with them. Be sure to consider the age of the child and the specific challenges they were having, too. This will help you ensure their tutor is also a good fit for your child.

2. Check Community Bulletins

If you don’t know anyone personally who can recommend a tutor, you might also want to check out community bulletin boards. Check the boards at your local library, for example, or other local businesses around town. Tutors often use these boards to advertise their services and let people know they’re available.

3. Ask Teachers and Counselors

Don’t be afraid to talk to your child’s teacher or a counselor at their school, either. These people might know of tutors in the area who can help your child. They might also be able to connect you with free or low-cost tutoring services in the event that you can’t afford to pay a private tutor.

4. Use Online Services

There are lots of online math tutoring services that can be viable options as well. These services connect your child with a tutor based on their age, skill level, and specific needs. Your child can then talk to that tutor via video chat and get help from an expert on a regular basis.

Online services are often very cost-effective. They can also be a lifesaver if you can’t find anyone in your community who’s able to tutor your child in-person.

5. Verify Their Qualifications

Before you agree to have a particular tutor work with your child, it’s important to verify their qualifications. Find out what they’ve studied in school, what areas of math in which they feel most confident tutoring, and how long they’ve been tutoring other students.

6. Read Reviews/Check References

It’s a good idea to read reviews and check references, too. If you’re working with an online tutoring service, there ought to be plenty of reviews available online to help you decide if a particular tutor and/or service is a good option. For private tutors, reach out to past clients and see what they have to say about the tutor before agreeing to hire them.

7. Consider a Trial Session

Finally, consider asking for a trial session. This gives you a chance to see how your child interacts with the tutor and whether their teaching style matches their needs.

At this point, don’t worry about whether or not your kid will be ready for an upcoming math competition. Just focus on how they and the tutor get along and whether they seem capable of helping your child improve and gain the skills needed to succeed.

Start Looking for Local Math Tutors Today

If you’ve been wondering, “Is it time to find a tutor for my child?” chances are they could benefit from getting some extra math help. Keep these tips on how to find a math tutor in mind and it’ll be much easier for you to choose someone who’s a good fit for your child.

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