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Top 10 First Date Conversation Ideas for 2021

It’s easy to meet and communicate with a person online, and it’s quite a tougher task to finally meet him in real life and find some common conversation topics!

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As for the second part… Here you have to trust your intuition! But we will give you a piece of advice: share with you TOP topics for conversation on the first date, that will help you make a good impression, understand the person better, become closer to him, and make your date smooth!


Statistics show that about 20% of couples who discussed their dreams on their first date would like to go on the second date. Talking about dreams can become that thing that will unite you right away and allow you to talk for many hours!


People associate traveling with a carefree vacation time, freedom, sun, and new bright impressions. As we talk about these exciting moments, we get encouraged… and become more attractive!

Free time

Find out how the person spends his time, where he goes, and whom he meets. Ask your partner, what does it mean to have a perfect pastime for him?

Favorite food

If you have a date in a restaurant or cafe, then grab the menu and ask what your partner is going to have, what foods he likes most. Asking about such things in advance will help you choose the best place to go to.

But do not start a conversation with the foods that you cannot stand, because you may embarrass the person.

Hobbies and interests

We are all different people, but we may have something in common. Hobbies, for example. This topic will allow you to become closer to each other, people can talk about their interests for hours!


This is an easy topic that always evokes positive emotions. Who doesn’t want to tell others a funny story about their parrot, cat, or dog? Moreover, you can show some funny videos and photos!

This conversation raises the mood, and then, making people feel more relaxed and open you can smoothly switch the topic.


This is one of the easiest and most fun topics that will definitely come in handy on your first date!

You can talk about what games you loved to play, how you went to see your grandparents in the village, what funny stories happened to you, how your school years passed, how you learned to swim, ride a bike and how many times you fell from it, how you fell in love in kindergarten and how you hated frothed milk in the school cafeteria!

Plans for the future

Why not talk about your plans for the future right from the start?

Ask where your partner sees himself in 5 years. Try to find out how serious his intentions are. This can give you a clear idea of what type of person he is, and whether you can rely on such a person?

It’s good to know such things when building relationships.


This topic includes many things like music, theater, cinema, literature, architecture, sculpture, painting… This will give you a clue on what movies you will watch together in the evenings or what music will play while you’ll be having a pillow fight.

Environmental issues

Many are now concerned about the environmental situation, so your companion may well be worried about the fate of turtles and pandas. This is not so difficult: you can support the topic even if you do not know what environmental debt is.

Try to delve deeper into the topic of preserving the planet. Maybe you yourself will rethink your relationship to the environment!




Jeff Campbell