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Five Ideas for DIY Furniture

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Let’s face it, some people will never be content with mass-produced furniture, even if it came from a high-end brand. For them, it lacks a sense of personality that custom furniture teems of. On the other hand, some might find the price too prohibitive and justify that they can do it on their own, given the right materials, tools, and time.

Interior design has always been about combining various design elements that help personalize a space. Homemakers can create their aesthetic for a particular room by putting together elements that make sense. They can follow or incorporate various aesthetics to create their style. One movement that has gained traction over the years is do-it-yourself or DIY. With more people exploring the possibility of DIYing furniture and other household items, they’re bound to save on purchases and infuse their style and personality into their unique pieces.

Here are some ideas for your DIY furniture.

Custom couch 

First, measure the space where the couch will be situated once it’s finished. Next, build a frame using lumber and ensure it’s stable enough to hold your weight and another person. Don’t scrimp on the materials to ensure a quality frame. You can then move to make the cushions. Measure enough foam to cover the frame and use upholstery or suiting fabric to cover the foam properly. Attach the foam to the frame once you’re finished putting varnish or paint. Ensure everything is stable before using the couch.

Industrial-style corner table

If you have several L-angle bars and a few washers, bolts, and nuts, you can easily create an industrial aesthetic corner table. All you need to do is measure the bars to create the base. Next, attach the bars using bolts, nuts, and washers to create a simple cube. Finally, attach a plywood top, painted or stained to your liking to finish the furniture.

Minimalist bed frame 

If you only have a mattress on the floor, creating a minimalist bedframe is best to provide you with a better place to sleep. Making the frame is pretty simple. You can use a solid wood plank to support the bed and line up whitewood or pine boards around the mattress. Secure the boards with screws to prevent breaking.

Floating bookcases

If you have a large collection of books or mementos that need a place to be displayed, you can create floating bookcases using precut or scrap pine boards and several L-brackets. First, measure the height of the books you will place on the shelves and mark them on the wall. Next, attach the pine boards to the L-brackets, and drill the brackets securely into the wall.

Step stool

One cannot have enough step stools to help you reach hard-to-reach objects in the cabinets or for cleaning the ceilings and cabinet tops. Put together a sturdy step stool by securely nailing and gluing the base and top together. You can personalize the stool by adding a stenciled design or painting it accordingly.


DIY furniture saves homemakers on cost and infuses the space with personality. Making DIY furniture can be challenging for some but highly enjoyable for others.


Jeff Campbell