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Food Play 101: Now That Looks Yummy

Food and sex are some of the best pleasures in life. Friends fans will remember that scene in the coffee house where Phoebe asks the gang whether they would give up food or sex, and Joey quite understandably says: “I want girls on bread”. Food and sex are equally important in life for some people, so why should you pick just one? Enter: food play. 

Food play is any kind of sexual activity involving food, and we’re not just talking about a little whipped cream. Just as with any other sexual play, you can get really creative. Just walk into your kitchen, and you are bound to find at least three items you can use to pleasure your partner. Just remember that not all food items can be used for safety reasons, and you should never – repeat NEVER- put anything in your vagina, ladies. Save the internal stimulation for your vibrating toys, okay?

As long as you keep safety in mind, food play can be an amazing way to spend an evening. Let’s dig in. 

So, why do people like food play?

Some people love the visual aspect of food play; seeing your partner adorned with fruit salad, or sushi à la Samantha Jones is a sight to behold. For some people receiving the food on their body, they love the feel of different textures on their skin and erogenous zones. For others, the taste of their favorite food combined with the taste and scent of their lover’s skin heightens their arousal; just think how much more heightened your senses would be while licking melted chocolate off your man while taking in his masculine scent? Delicious, right? 

And let’s not forget about those rebels among us: the ones who used to play with their food as a child. When you grow up being told something is wrong, doesn’t it feel good to do it as an adult and know that nobody can stop you? For example, swearing, not washing your dishes straight away, not ironing your clothes all the time, and the list goes on. And playing with your food is one of them. We are always told as children not to play with our food. So naturally, as adults, that’s all we want to do, right?

Food play and safety

First things first, let’s talk about safety. Food is an excellent addition to sex when done safely. If you have a vagina, listen up! Inserting anything inside your vagina can change its PH, which is the main reason most gynecologists do not advise putting any food up there in the first place. If you still want to do it, the general rule of thumb is that whatever goes up there must be retrievable. This means using solid items as opposed to saucy or creamy food items like chocolate sauce, cream, peanut butter, etc. If in doubt, it’s best to avoid. 

When it comes to the anus, it’s even more crucial not to stick anything in there that could… get lost. You see, the anus is a bit different from the vagina: the vagina has an end, so anything that goes missing in there is, in theory, retrievable even if it goes really deep. However, the anus is a connection to the rest of your body. Add to that your really strong muscles surrounding the opening (or sphincter) that are capable of holding in the most powerful of farts, and you’ve got yourself a case of a lost grape up your butt and a visit to the ER. 

So this is the reason why experts don’t really recommend inserting any food into your ass hole. If you do, make sure that it’s never fully inserted and it’s easy to hold onto. Anal toys are honestly so much safer…

Now let’s talk about acidic and hot foods. You might love some lemon in your ice water or some chili on your noodles, but these food items might be best left in the kitchen when you have sex. Any kind of citrus juice can really irritate the skin, so it’s best to avoid these kinds of fruits during sex. The same goes for chili peppers. If something feels hot in your mouth, it will undoubtedly feel hot elsewhere on your body. In fact, chili peppers can actually BURN your skin (anyone ever been cutting a chili and then touched their eye? Mmhm), so please keep these a long way away from your penis or vagina.

So, what kind of foods can you use during food play? 

We’ve talked about what foods to avoid. Now let’s talk about what foods you can use! In general, the rule of thumb is to keep things light in food play sex. After all, you’re probably going to be having sex at some point, and you don’t want to be burping all over the place after consuming the equivalent of a bowl of spaghetti off your partner. Not sexy. Stick to things that are more snack-like in nature or even drinks, and you’ll be on your way to a satisfying night of sex!

  • Berries: they can either resemble testicles or nipples, so they create a great look on the skin.
  • Honey: This doesn’t just taste great on pancakes…
  • Popsicles: Add temperature play to the mix by teasing your partner with a frozen popsicle.
  • Whipped cream: A classic. Why? It is light, creamy, sweet, and resembles a well-known bodily fluid…
  • Candy necklaces, bras, and panties: Another classic. If you just like to add a little sweetness with minimal mess, this one is for you.
  • Champagne or prosecco: Pour a little onto your partner’s stomach and lick it dry.
  • Grapefruit: Now I hear you: but you said not to use citrus fruit! This one, all thanks to a lady who calls herself Auntie Angel, if done safely, can work out. Cut the ends of a grapefruit off and cut a hole about the size of your man’s penis through the flesh part of the fruit. Blindfold him, slide a condom onto his penis (this will help avoid any possible stinging that could occur from the citrus juice), and then slide on the grapefruit. Next, give him head while sliding the grapefruit up and down his penis. The flesh of the grapefruit is said to mimic the flesh of the vagina, giving him a great sensation and you a great refreshing taste. Auntie Angel also has other useful blow job tips, so give her a Google to find out more.
  • Dessert sauces like chocolate, caramel, strawberry, etc: These don’t need any introduction, do they?
  • Jello: Pop a cube of jello into your partner’s belly button and suck it out. It’s your choice if you make the jello alcoholic or not…
  • Ice: Okay, this is barely a food, but it’s a great way to get a refreshing drink while teasing your partner. Plus, it also adds temperature play too. Winner!

Tips to enhance your food play sex:

  • Blindfold your partner: Their sense of touch will be way more enhanced once their vision is restricted, so every little lick of your tongue will be even more sensual to them.
  • Tie them up: Bondage and food play go hand in hand. One way to enhance the sensation of being sexually teased with food is to be restrained throughout. All of the different sensations will drive your partner crazy.
  • Combine food play with BDSM: While on the subject of blindfolds and bondage … try dressing your beau up like a buffet and leaving them alone on the kitchen table for an undefined amount of time. Play mind games with them. Maybe put a blob of ice cream on their belly button and spank them if they let it fall off (thanks to Christian Grey for this tip). Food play goes really well with a spot of dominance and submission!
  • Put down a couple of towels: If you’re going to be using messy foods like cream, honey, sauces, etc, it’s a good idea to put some towels down underneath your partner, so none of the food goes on your bedding. Better yet, do it away from any expensive textiles; have your partner lie on a table, on a rug on the floor, on a yoga mat … there are more options than your bed, you know!
  • Have your partner wash his penis before entering your vagina: If you’ve been applying food items to your partner’s penis, you don’t want to jump right into penetrative sex (although you will probably be tempted); instead, have your partner quickly wash their penis before entering you. Your vagina will thank you for it. One way to keep things a bit cleaner is to use a condom during food play; however, there will probably still be some residue somewhere around his genitals. So just get him to wash his genitals before entering you.
  • Ask if your partner is allergic to anything: Sometimes, people are allergic to food items just by touch, so make sure to ask your partner if they have any allergies. Also, it’s worth asking about any kind of intolerances if you plan to feed your partner during food play sex. You don’t want to feed your beau ice cream if they’re lactose intolerant! 

On that note, I think you are aware of the dos and don’ts of food play sex by now. I bet you’re going to look at the grocery store in a whole new light now, right? Food and sex are the two best things in life, so why not enjoy them together?


Jeff Campbell