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Nowadays, people forget about the past times when smartphones, tablet PCs, and other devices were considered to be the sources of distraction. Quite the opposite, now these gadgets are hugely beneficial for studying. Recent teaching methods presuppose the extensive use of technologies and various apps in the educational process. Students in those schools, colleges, and universities that implement technologies show better academic performance.

Many students now experience difficulties while doing some assignments and look for ways to facilitate this process.

The Internet and other technologies are beneficial for this aim. For example, if you have any urgent task, but you have no idea of how it should be done, you may visit paper help and deal with this problem quickly. By the way, using apps is helpful in the long run.

Let’s explore the best educational apps that don’t require you to pay a dime:

  1. Memrise

Sometimes learning languages in classroom settings turn out to be ineffective, or students simply aren’t enough the amount of information they get in the classroom.

In such situations, they must get engaged in independent learning. There’s hardly one student who can make yourself to do assignments from the textbook.

Modern students opt for more interesting alternatives, and Memrise is one of them. This app uses a flashcard method that’s proved to be an effective learning tool. Learn new languages or upload your information into the app and get the highest grades.

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  1. EdX

If you’re open to learning new information and don’t want to pay for online courses, download edX. MIT and Harvard University launched this platform in 2012.

Explore more than 2400 free courses in any discipline you need: linguistics, computer science, electronics, accounting, and so on. Taking a course on edX is a good option if you can’t solve your homework, want to find answers, and clarify some points.

Of course, you may get professional accounting hw help online; however, if you have enough free time, choose a suitable course and try to figure out what it is on your own.

  1. Khan Academy

This app is an excellent alternative to EdX.

It’s a non-commercial organization, the aim of which is to give access to free high-class education to all people who need it. All lessons are created by experts, so you may not doubt the credibility of the service and accuracy of information.

Here students can learn at their own pace, start with filling the gaps in knowledge, and then deepening it. This app is free for parents, teachers, and students.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

No one complex mathematical or scientific problem will present a difficulty for you.

Download Wolfram Alpha to solve urgent assignments quickly and get an understanding of some issues. All you have to do is to type in the task in the search bar, and this app will show you the solution.

Wolfram Alpha is a huge database of computational algorithms that work with the help of artificial intelligence. Don’t underestimate AI because it can perform a lot of tasks.

Besides solving mathematical problems, AI services help students write their papers. Enter the “write my essay cheap” keyword in the search engine, and you’ll surely find at least one such service.

  1. Pocket Physics

If physics poses a difficulty for you and you can’t find the service with good explanations for the most challenging topics, download this app to your smartphone and have everything you need in your pocket.

You can use it as a cheat sheet or instead of a textbook when preparing for the important exam. Here you’ll find the information about all basic concepts of physics, that’s full of examples and descriptions with schemes. All theory is available offline. Read users’ reviews to make sure that the app is worth your attention.

There’s no better way to check something than to read reviews. If you think of using any other educational service, for example, Speedy Paper, look through Speedy Paper review and find out more useful information about this company.

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