Best Freelancing Careers For People Who Want To Help

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What’s the trigger that pushes someone to choose freelancing over the stability and reassurance of employment?

For many, self-employment comes as an unexpected solution to a difficult professional situation. Indeed, creative graduates, for instance, are forced to start an independent career after their studies, as a result of a shortage of employment.

Similarly, someone who’s just lost their job can find support in building an independent side-hustle that can turn into a full-time freelancing career.

More often than not, freelancing is the only way out for people who are struggling to find employment.

Additionally, more and more office employees build their freelancing presence gradually in an attempt to free themselves.

From bad bosses to heavy workload, the move toward a freelancing career offers the freedom they need from their office shackles.

But there’s another category of freelancers.

They didn’t find the satisfaction they expected in their employed career and, consequently, are eager to make a difference through a freelancing adventure. However, changing career is never a smooth operation, and for a new freelancer, you can’t expect to attract clients if you’re not an expert in your domain.

Nevertheless, there are options for freelancers who want to help people to make the most of their transferable skills in their new career.

Build the go-to website that guides people

If you’re an expert content creator or a genius digital marketing, you can use your writing skills to build a new career.

Indeed, while blogging used to be perceived as a hobby, it’s now become an accepted and rewarding profession if you can build a sufficient volume of visitors.

A blogger provides advice, tips and hacks in a variety of topics, from lifestyle to technology – depending on your area of expertise. Admittedly, for bloggers to monetize their blogs, there are plenty of alternatives, from offering specialist services to relying on affiliate marketing.

As a rule of a thumb, successful bloggers are people who are keen to make a difference in the life of their readers.

They share helpful and informative content in their niche. While they benefit from affiliate campaigns, they also focus on selecting trustworthy partners who suit their audience.

Encourage others to get fit

Someone who’s naturally inclined to stay on top of their fitness regime can leave their office career behind to become a respect personal trainer.

For best results, however, you might want to get your certification as it’s a sign of credibility for your clients. As the fitness sector is highly competitive, you need to pack the best personal trainer tips up your sleeve to attract your clients.

Your in-depth knowledge of anatomy, health and fitness has to be a given – that’s what certifications are about.

What will make the difference is the way you approach your target audience. As a lot of people struggle with weight gain and poor fitness habits, you need to tailor your message to the right demographic, from the middle-aged stay-at-home mom who’s fallen out of love with her body to the stressed out manager.

You’re the motivation and confidence they need to achieve their goals.

Be the food guru who builds health

A quick sandwich on the go is the typical lunch in the workplace. People who are trying to lose weight tend to skip their lunch and overeat in the evening.

As a result, their efforts become counterproductive. But if you’re a trained chef, you can offer simple and healthy cooking catering tips.

From catering to a private dinner to helping your clients to throw a healthy party, you play a significant role in helping people to make peace with their food.

Help others see clear through feelings

Feelings matter. You know that.

But some young professionals struggle to understand the importance of emotional intelligence. Indeed, highly qualified employees in the banking, business, and legal sectors fail to make a positive impact in the workplace as a result of their low emotional quotient, EQ.

As EQ is not part of their studies curriculum, many high performing, intelligent adults land leading roles in which their behaviors damage their team, their reputation and their business.

If you’ve got a long business and networking experience as well as good people understanding, you can offer your services as an emotional intelligence mentor.

Be the light at the end of the business tunnel

Emotional intelligence is only one of the many factors of success in the business world.

Entrepreneurial thinking plays a significant role in making a company successful. Many business owners, however, are not born entrepreneurs and don’t understand what it takes to be bold and take risks. As a result, their business experiences limited growth.

A freelancer who has developed a solid career in business and market strategy can provide the disruptive force these business owners need to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Guidance, focus and competitive edge are often lacking in small companies.

Become the beauty expert for seniors

How do you feel in your skin? For most people, a little bit of grooming and a fresh outfit can significantly improve their mood.

Elderly people, however, are often limited in their options. Reduced mobility and lack of social engagement can make it tricky for them to experience these positive rushes of emotions.

When an old person stays at home or in a nursing home, they can’t look after their appearance anymore. Feelings of despair, isolation and depression are quick to develop.

Beauty and grooming experts who offer mobile services can make a big difference in the world of a senior.

Not only can you bring the social interactions they need, but you’re the person who helps them to care about themselves.

Offer guidance for those who are lost

Many feel stuck in their ways and unable to improve their lives, which is reflected by the increase in depression across the country.

Finding the path to a happy lifestyle is challenging; therefore lifestyle consultants act as advisors and life changers. If you’re a trained counsellor, psychologist or even social worker, offering lifestyle consultancy can be a profitable career.

Are you ready to make a difference in your freelancing career? Whether you’re an expert content writer or a professional social worker, you can use your skills to help others in a way no office job can.


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